Monday, March 25, 2013

Treadmill Interval Workout & Weigh-In

Today is Monday and you know what that means.  It's weigh-in day!  Since hubby gave me some awesome motivation to lose this weight, I really tried to cut back on my food intake and ramp up my exercising a bit. And it paid off!  The scale said 173 this morning!  So that's ONE POUND GONE!  (Excuse me while I break into the Hallelujah Chorus right about now...) I'm so excited!  I was tired of seeing that scale say 174 each week!  Three more pounds until I reach my mini-goal of 170!

Since we got a bunch of snow last night, I didn't figure I would run outside.  (Snow = Cold) So I knew I had a date with the treadmill.  I decided I would break my 3 mile training run into intervals once again so I didn't have a complete meltdown and give up.  But last Monday's workout seemed to take forever when I broke it down into 1/4 mile increments, so I opted for 1/2 mile increments this time.  I also added in two strength training exercises between increments instead of just one like last week.  At the end of the workout, I was sweating and feeling fatigued.  I think the whole workout lasted 50 or so mins (36 mins was the walking/running).  

Here's the break down of my workout today:

0 mi-.15 mi: Walk @ 3.7 mph for warm up
.15 mi-.5 mi:  Run @ 5.5 mph
15 Bicep Curls holding 10 lb weights
15 Squats with Overhead Shoulder Presses holding 10 lb weights
.5 mi-1 mi:  Run @ 5.5 mph
15 Overhead Tricep Extensions with (1) 10 lb weight  See Instructions
15 Girly Push-ups
1 mi-1.5 mi:  Run @ 5.5 mph
15 Standing Front Lunges (on each leg)
15 Tricep Dips 
1.5 mi-2.0 mi:  Run @ 5.5 mph
20 Sit-Ups
10 Leg Lowers on each side (have no clue what the actual name is, but mainly you lay on your back with legs straight above you. Then lower one leg almost to the ground while the other stays stationary...this really works you lowers abs and you WILL feel the burn!)
2 mi-2.5 mi:  Run @ 5.0 mph
10 Inner Thigh Raises with 8 lb weight (on each side)
15 Girly Push-Ups
2.5 mi-2.85 mi:  Run @ 5.0 mph
2.85 mi-3mi:  Walk @ 3.1 for cool down

I'm excited to see if/where I'm sore tomorrow! 

What was your workout today?

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