Saturday, March 23, 2013

Today's 7-Miler

Another long run DONE!  I was REALLY dreading running 7-miles today...especially when I saw the forecast saying it was going to be a whopping 28 degrees while we were running.  BRR!  But it had to be done so I did it.  And it actually was enjoyable!  Jenny and I live approximately 3 miles apart so we started at my house and ran just past her house and then back to my house.  It was a nice change of scenery and I actually warmed up enough to just run in my long sleeved shirt (with tank underneath)!  I'm feeling a little sore right now but not as bad as I had expected.  Thinking a nice hot bath is in order!  

When I got home I decided to try some homemade chocolate milk as my post-run fuel.  Remember how I said I'd never be able to keep already-made chocolate milk in my fridge long enough for me to actually drink it?  Well, I decided to buy a container of Nesquik Chocolate Milk mix instead.  And I hid it.  Yep, you read it correctly.  I hid it in my lazy susan...and so far it's gone undetected by the hubby and kiddos.  Yay!  

Can you spot the Nesquik? I at least turned the container around so the Nesquik bunny was facing backwards so he wouldn't be easily spotted!  Aren't I evil?  Or maybe just very smart.

So I got out my Tupperware Shaker Bottle which I LOVE and filled it halfway with milk, then 2 Tbsp of chocolate mix, then a scoop of protein powder.  Shake, shake-a-roo and voila...a chocolatey protein shake!   I think I need to tweak the measurements of the powders, because it seems really sweet and the protein powder left an aftertaste. Next time, a little less of both, I think!

Not sure what the rest of our day is hubby's birthday and he's at an auction.  Maybe we will catch a movie later and just relax.  That's my kind of Saturday!  

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