Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Failures and Labels

I was late to work today. 
Poor Time Manager.
There is a HUGE fly (the shiny kind) flying around my house. 
When I came home from work today, my house had a not-so-nice smell (the cause is still to be determined). 
Poor housekeeper.
I made cookies on Monday to stick in the freezer for next week when we are at the fair and might need/want a snack.  But I keep eating them.  Frozen. 
I was told by my son's friend that their football practice had been cancelled and only the parent meeting was still a go.  Come to find out, my husband arrived at the parent meeting (he offered to go so that I could stay home and relax) to find out that practice had not been cancelled AND tonight was uniform fitting.    So my relaxing came to an end and off I went with the kids to pick up Misinformant Boy to take them to the school.  Here's the Cliff Notes version of what son came home mad because someone took his #34 jersey from last year and now he has to be #72.  He is also blaming his friend (Misinformant Boy) for it.  AND there was practice tonight following the fitting.  And my husband made me feel less-than-intelligent for believing Misinformant Boy instead of checking with the coaches (FYI-I don't have their contact info yet). 
 Na├»ve. Irresponsible. Worthless. 
I tucked my girls into bed and noticed a strange smell coming from their trash can that was nearly overflowing. 
I stuck my head in my son's room to say goodnight and he sort of mumbled a half-hearted goodnight and I can tell that he's very disappointed in how the evening went. 
Terrible Parent.
Every where I look around me lately I see failure.  No matter how much I try to do well, the not-so-good seems to be staring me in the face and yelling my name.  Soon I can no longer see the things I accomplished well.  It's easy to feel like a failure and give myself labels or allow others to give them to me.  And after awhile I start to believe them. 
This past Sunday at church, the pastor spoke about labeling.  He said most of us think we are pretty special when we are born and as young children...usually thanks to our mother's love and encouragement.  Then things start to change and people will put labels on us (either verbally or implied) or we put them on ourselves.  We begin to doubt that we can do anything worthwhile.  Then the pastor said something so profound.  He said that only manufacturers have the authority to put labels on something.  Because they created that thing on which they are putting the label.  He said that God is the ONLY one that has the authority to label us.  Because He created us.  How awesome is that?  Now, I will tell you I was so enlightened hearing that sermon.  Then my busy week hit and has left me feeling pretty wiped out (and it's only Wednesday!) and then today's happenings really threw me for a loop.  And the labels started coming back. 
Our thoughts are powerful.  The more we think we are fill in the blank, the more we start to believe those labels subconsciously, and we eventually start acting according to those labels.  Friends, we need to remember who our Creator is and what He has created us to be!  We need to replace those negative labels with labels from the one who created us... 
Fearfully and wonderfully Made. 
I pray that we both can both believe and find rest in those labels and not allow others (or ourselves) to label us any longer!

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Stitch Fix #1 Review

Today it finally beloved and long-awaited Stitch Fix box!  It wasn't supposed to arrive until this Thursday, but it came early and that is just fine with me.  When I checked the tracking information and saw that it was on the truck and out for delivery, I was stoked!  And I seriously wanted to hug the FedEx man, but he dropped off the box and away he went before I could even get to the door.  (I'm judging by the speed of his quick delivery that he may have been hugged while delivery Stitch Fix boxes to other style-challenged and excited gals.

If you haven't heard of Stitch Fix, let me enlighten you!  Stitch Fix is an online styling company that will pick out 5 items for you (usually 4 clothing items and 1 accessory depending on what you request) and send you a box however often you would like one (aka how often you can afford one). The sign-up process is pretty in-depth so that your stylist can get a good feel for your size, body shape, and style.  Once you have answered those questions you have the opportunity to request certain things and/or tell your stylist about your likes or dislikes.  For my first box, I requested a dress or two that would be appropriate to wear to a wedding I am going to next month.  I also said that I liked to wear blues and jewel tones.  As you will see in the pictures to follow my stylist listened! 
After that, you schedule your first fix.  Be forewarned that if you are thinking of scheduling your first fix, do so NOW because I scheduled the fix I received today in May and this was the first date available!  (Also, if you are interested in scheduling your own fix, please, please, please use my link HERE and if you do, I will get a $25 credit towards my fixes!)  The cost for each fix is a minimum of $20 (for a styling fee).  If you hate all the items in your box, you just pay the $20.  If you decide to purchase any items, the $20 is deducted from the total cost.

Once you receive your fix, you have 3 business days to decide what you want to purchase via online checkout.  At checkout, you also have the opportunity to rate each item and tell your stylist how well you liked it, how well it fit, and if you liked the price, as well as any other comments about the item.  This will help your stylist to make each fix better and better.  Once you checkout, you keep the items you paid for and then you stick the rest of the items in a plastic mailer with a prepaid shipping label and you put it in your mailbox or drop it in a USPS dropbox. Easy Peasy!

Enough chit chat, time to see what I received! Because I was so excited, I took some pictures...

Isn't it pretty sitting on my doorstep? 

 The style cards that come in each for each item of clothes/accessory that show two different ways to wear the item.  This is great for people like me who are a bit (ok, a lot) style-challenged.  The top right card is actually a note from my stylist telling me why she picked these items for me and how excited she is to pick out thing especially for me.  (She is my new BFF)

 Here's what I saw upon opening up my box.  Let the fun begin!

 Dylan and Rose Dovette Draped Detail Dress - $68
I really like this dress.  The fabric is super light-weight which would be great for the wedding next month.  It's also super comfy!  It's hard to tell in this picture but this dress has sort of a sash of extra material that runs from my left shoulder to the right side of my waist.  I have seen others who received this dress wear it with a thin belt and it looks cute that way too. 
Verdict:  Like it, but not sure I want to pay $68 for it...however I could see many uses for this dress because it could be casual or dressed up a bit with jewelry.

41 Hawthorne Abrianna Longsleeve Knit Cardigan - $48
This cardigan is also lightweight and super comfy. 
Verdict: Undecided...really like this one but it depends on what I decide about the dress above.  Update:  I kept the cardigan and love it!  The only thing I DON'T love about it is that it is handwash only!  Bleck.

I think this cardigan looks super cute tied at the hips too!

Kensie Jeans Sophia Tall Length Skinny Jean - $88
1 Hawthorn Eldridge Star Print Wrap Scarf - $28
Let's just get something out in the open...I do not have skinny legs.  And I am self-conscious about them.  So me and skinny jeans have never become friends.  So I was a bit nervous about trying these on.  First of all, they fit way different than my normal Maurices Curvy jeans.  The best way to describe it is that they were swallowing my calves!  I could have used an installation tool to get these on.  The waist fit fine...but the legs were way tighter than I am used to and can tolerate.  Not to mention, the price is more than I want to pay if I don't really like them.  When I modeled them for a friend, she assured me that I can pull skinny jeans off, but I am not yet NOT wearing them. 
Verdict:  Buh-Bye
I was excited to receive a scarf (mainly because I wanted there to be something on the cheaper side in case I didn't like anything else so I didn't lose my $20), but I do not like the color of this scarf.  It says it's pink but it is more of a peach....a color I NEVER wear nor look good wearing.  The design itself it sort of cute and the fabric is super thin and cozy.  Despite the color, I also have a hard time wearing scarves...especially in the warmer months. 
Verdict:  Sending it back.
Allie, however looked really cute in this scarf! 
41 Hawthorn Roni Geo Detailed Lace Sheath Dress - $88
This one surprised me.  When I saw the lace I was instantly disappointed.  Lace is not something I normally wear.  Ever.  When I think of lace, I think of old church ladies or something.  When I tried it on, it wasn't as bad as I thought.  It's a little more fitted than what I would like and it's above the knee which makes me feel a bit uncomfortable.  This dress has a polyester lining with a layer of lace on top.  The back of the dress has a section of unlined lace at the top with a single button and keyhole opening.  So far everyone likes this dress the best, but it's a bit too warm to wear to an August wedding and it's also a bit too fancy for my tastes.  I can't think of another place to wear it other than a wedding. But it did make me feel pretty!
Verdict:  Since it's too fancy for 99% of my life and it's $88, pretty sure I am going to send this one back.
At first I was disappointed in my box...mainly because of the two $88 items and the fact that everything with the exception of the scarf was blue.  I was hoping for a bit more variety in color.  But then I remembered that I had told my stylist that I liked to wear blues and, since she probably suspected that I wouldn't purchase both dresses, she sent two blue dresses.  The more I tried the items on, the more I liked them...or was at least more open to wearing them instead of instantly hating it.  I was hoping for more shirt options, so I think I will ask for more shirts in my next box. 
All in all, I think was a really fun experience and hope to get more fixes in the future!