Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Why My Morning Got Off To A Bad Start

Remember my last post?  I was bragging profusely about how great my morning was going despite it being Monday and the recent time change.  

Well, this morning was a completely different story.  It all started with my alarm...and the fact that I succumbed to my inner whiner and decided to sleep in.  My son is 12 and he is fully capable to get himself up and off for school without my help.  And some mornings it's all too easy to let him do just that.  Today was one of those mornings.  I had to get him up (he hasn't reset his alarm clock time or set his clock this week...grr) and then I went back to bed and set my alarm for 7:15 for an extra hour of sleep.  Or at least I THINK I would be able to sleep.  After almost 34 years of living with myself you'd think I'd finally realize that once I've awakened in the morning it's ultra hard for me to fall back to sleep.  So I laid there sort of hovering between the Land of Nod and the Land of Reality.  I think I finally did fall asleep just before my alarm went off.  The alarm goes off.  I get up.  And start round 2 of the morning routine.  I get the girls up and found myself so frustrated.  I was grumpy with the girls, short tempered, and feeling a bit foggy.  Once I finally got them on the bus, I still was frustrated because my kitchen was messy looking and I still needed to do my devotions and work out.  And a customer decided to stop by...before hubby was up....before I could get out my jammies....before I could put a bra on...you catch my drift.  So I get my hubby up and I decide that I'm going to work out.  Now I'm feeling better thanks to my workout high.  

THAT was my morning.  While I was working out I realized that when I sleep in, it messes up my whole morning!  I'm groggy and foggy and grumpy!  And I feel rushed to get through devotions and my workout because I don't want it to take up the whole morning.  And I'm frustrated because when I get up earlier I get the dishwasher unloaded and loaded, breakfast made, and general tidying done.  So here it is 9:48 and I still need to get a shower and tidy up around here. And today I am volunteering in Allie's class this afternoon and leaving straight from there to take Kailyn to gymnastics....which means I need to have some sort of plan for dinner.  Are you feeling my pain?  I hope so.  

SO...tomorrow I will get up early.  Maybe I will even set my alarm just a few minutes earlier each day with the goal of getting up at 5 or 5:30am instead of 6 to streamline my mornings even more.

On a good note, I did get in a workout that got me sweating!  I found this workout on Peanut Butter Fingers' Blog.  (BTW - this blog is one of my newest faves, so be sure to check it out!)  The workout says to repeat it once, but I only did it once and it took me 20 mins.  Afterwards, I did some stretching and a few ab exercises.  My legs feel a bit weak today so I bet I will be sore tomorrow!  And FYI - my arm workout rocked yesterday...I'm sore in all the right places!  

So what time do you get up in the mornings?  I'd love to hear how you tame morning stress!

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pinepod said...

It depends on what time I go to bed but lately I have been getting at 4AM though ever since I went back to work for my Dad.