Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Good news!

I just had to tell you the good news!  I weighed in yesterday and the scale said 172.6!  GOOOOOO ME!  I'm super stoked about that number!  2.6 more lbs and I'll be at my lowest weight in the past couple of years AND my first mini-weight loss goal! 

If you're wondering how I lost that must weight in a week, I have one word for you:  STRESS.  I had a lot of it last week!  (I would enlighten you but it's a LOOONG story!)  And I was busy.  And when I'm busy I don't have time to think about food!  So I sort of just ate when my stomach was growling, which reminded me to eat!  I also tried to snack on fruits instead of my normal whatever-is-in-the-cupboard-and-is-edible approach.  And it worked! 

So this week I'm excited to put my newfound "skills" to work and see what the scale reports next Monday at weigh-in!  I can't wait to drop down a pants size...I need some new jeans badly but won't allow myself to buy any until I've met my goal!  The promise of shopping is a great motivator!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Buh-Bye Weight!

I've had an epitomy recently.  If you've read my blog for any length of time, you know that I desperately want to lose weight.  And you'd also know that I have been less than successful at doing it.  And everywhere I look, my friends and family are losing.  And it's driving me crazy!  So this week I decided to change my outlook.  My reasons for wanting to lose the weight.  And my strategy. 

My outlook is simple:  I can and WILL lose this weight IF I am dedicated and stay the course instead of getting discouraged by the number on the scale.  I want to lose weight for me.  Yes, that may be selfish, but I know that having this extra weight on my bones is keeping me from living a fulfilling life.  I let it hold me back from so much.  Hubby and I had a chat the other day.  It went something like this:

Me:  If I lost this weight would think I was hot?
Hubby:  YES!  You'd be HOT!

Enough said.  Who doesn't want their hubby to think they're hot?  And I've struggled with this for awhile...feeling unloved.  Not that my hubby doesn't love me, but he doesn't compliment me on my looks.  And I have come to realize why....I have some work to do.  I don't want him to lie when he tells me I have sexy thighs...I want to HAVE sexy thighs!  Don't get me wrong, my hubby is NOT some guy who expects his wife to look a certain way before he will compliment me.  However he IS the type that won't say something unless he means it.  I listened to a podcast the other day talking about marriage and how to have a happy husband.  The guest on the radio show was an author of a book they were discussing and she said that wives should be the best version of themselves they can be.  And that struck me.  That's exactly what I've wanted! It's not just about losing the weight.  I want to be the best ME I can be, and right now, I'm NOT.   

Ok, now on to my strategy...I am going to try Weight Watchers.  I am an official WW dropout.  I went to a meeting ONCE and never went back.  I don't like big crowds where I don't know anybody and no one seems friendly.  (Not saying that all meetings/groups are like that...that was just my experience)  So I never went back.  That wasn't the only reason I didn't return.  I'm also cheap and hated paying for what amounted to as accountibility.  Fast forward however many years it's been and I'm ready to try again.  Only I'm not officially joining WW.  I'm going to do a free version.  It's amazing what you can find on the internet if you just search!  So I've compiled the info I need in order to give it a try.  So today will be my first day!  I'm allowed 29 points today and I've used 8 of them for breakfast already.  But I'm also going to do some sort of workout today after the girls leave for school so that will give me some points back.  I know lots of people have had success with WW so I might as well give it a shot.  It's not some freak diet plan, but a workable plan that you can use forever (if you wanted to).  I kind of like the flexibility of being able to eat what you want and not have to count calories.  You just keep track of your points instead.  I think I will order the pocket guide so I don't have to do a very lengthy equation using protein, fat, carbs, and fiber to figure out each food's value though...at $8 it will save probably an hour each day in computing time! 

Here is my current weight:  176.  I'm down one pound from last week..woohoo! 
My goal for now is to reach 170 lbs. 

 WISH ME LUCK!  :)  

It's Tuesday Already?

Well, so much for posting my goals on Monday...it's Tuesday!  And after looking over last week's goals, I don't think I can cross anything off of it!  It was just a busy, crazy week.  On Tuesday morning I got the call that my grandma had passed away and we had her services on Friday.  And the weekend was even busier with 2 football games, a 5K race, small group, and a 15 yr class reunion!  Oh yeah, and my daughter was sick Wednesday and Thursday and was home from school!  Then I started feeling a bit icky in the tummy area for a few days following her illness.  After typing all of that, I suddenly feel much better about my failing miserably at my to-do list...I had viable excuses!  

I've been thinking about this week's goals and what they should be and I've decided to forgo making any goals this week!  This week is another busy one (minus any illnesses and deaths...knock on wood).  I had to run some errands yesterday and take K to gymnastics.  Today I have a dentist appt and am taking a meal to a friend who just got out of the hospital.  Tomorrow I have to take the girls to the dentist in Columbus (which is 1.5 hrs one way!).  Thursday I have a friend coming over to visit while hubby fixes her car.  And Friday...who knows what Friday will bring (hopefully REST)!  Saturday we have a football game, and Sunday I'm running a 5K Race (I somehow unknowingly signed up for 3 5K races in 3 weeks!  YIKE!) and also a family lunch.  At our house. I also have applied for a job at our local school district and the application deadline was yesterday...so I'm expecting they will be calling to set up an interview at some point this week.  So my goal is to survive all those days and still be sane by next Monday! 

What are your goals for this week?

Monday, October 1, 2012

Another Depressing Weigh In

Well, if I were trying to GAIN weight, I would rock at it!  The scale said 177 this morning, so I'm up a pound from last week.  And I hate it.  Last week was just stressful and I didn't eat the best.  Stress = chocolate consumption.  End of story.  And we had pizza Friday night.  And dinner at my MIL's house Sat night.  And lunch at my FIL's house Sunday.

 Here were my workouts from last week:

Monday: Gym - 1.25 hrs
Wednesday: About 15 mins of Tabata workout + 0ver 100 abs reps
Friday:  Gym - 1.25 hrs + ran 3 miles
Sat:  Ran 3 miles, walked 2.68 miles
Sun:  Ran 3 FAST miles

So I DID work out!  Maybe that extra pound is pure MUSCLE!  I doubt it though.  It's probably pure Twix bar sitting right on my backside. 

I really want to focus on my eating this week.  I want to cut my portion sizes and focus on having more fruits and veggies!  And I want to workout about the same as I did last week, but maybe spread it out a bit.  I'm skipping the gym this morning because I have a ton of stuff to do around the house (see my last post!).  But I would like to get a walk in at least. For this week, I would like to run/walk at least 12 miles.


This Week's Hit List

Well, I'm in the middle of making an omelet so I will keep this short and sweet!  Last week turned out to be a crazy week...you know, one of those weeks where you ask yourself if you have accomplished ANYTHING.  Here's how I did on last week's goals::

1. Close my Scentsy party.
2. Freeze corn. Nope, didn't get it done.  So guess what's on this week's list?  lol
3. Clean my son's room.  Took me all day, but I got it done!  He was surprised AND said it felt so much better!  So...hopefully it will stay that way!
4. Mow the yard.  Didn't get this one done either.  So hubby mowed it...and ran over the dog's HUGE chew toy.  AND our new extenstion cord.  AND broke the mower.  Guess I should have mowed it, huh?
5. Start sanding the desk that I bought for my daughter for Christmas. Didn't happen either, but I did pick up a bottle of Floetrol so I can paint it when I'm ready!

Here's what I plan to do this week:

1.  Get some work done in the garage.  I didn't help hubby at last week and I plan to do better this week!
2.  Check the corn to see if it's still edible and if so, freeze it!  I hate letting things go to waste, so I hope it's still ok!
3.  Make a 1 week or 2 week menu and stick to my grocery budget!
4.  Start sanding the desk.  And maybe paint it too!
5.  Get the house cleaned and back on track.  Last week was rough so it started looking dirty and cluttered once again.  Time to whip it back into shape!
6.  Plan/book my weekend anniversary getaway with hubby for next month!

I think that's enough for now!  I hope you have a great, productive week too!