Monday, March 25, 2013

How My Morning Got Started With a Bang

Wow...what a morning it has been!  I was able to sleep in a bit, which was wonderful.  And woke up to everything covered in snow...which was semi-wonderful.  It looked absolutely beautiful, however I'm really sick of snow and just ready for some SPRING!  But knowing that this will most likely be the last snow of the season, it makes me enjoy it a wee bit more.  

After waking up and getting everyone breakfast and breaking up the usual fights among siblings and posting everyone's daily chores on the chore board, I retreated to my bedroom to start Beth Moore's study on Esther and soak up a few minutes of solitude and QUIET.  Or so I thought.  Approximate 10 mins into my study, I hear a tremendous crashing of what sounded like a lot of glass breaking in the kitchen.  I hurried to the kitchen to find glass shards everywhere and my oldest daughter sitting on the kitchen counter holding her head and crying.  One of her chores was to unload the dishwasher. I guess she was putting away some dishes and had climbed onto the counter top to reach the upper cabinets and whatever she did caused the entire top shelf to give away and all of its contents to come crashing to the ground.  Thankfully she wasn't hurt badly except for a bit of a goose egg on top of her head.  This particular shelf housed all of our wine glasses, soup bowls, and dessert dishes.  My crock pot lid was on the counter under the shelf, so it also perished.

Here's what the pile of broken glass looked like...

 The shelf housed approximately 12 wine glasses, 8 soup bowls, and 7 dessert dishes.  
Here is what miraculously survived the fall....

All swept up and ready to head to the dumpster.  
Good-bye beloved dishes.  You have served our family well.  

The funny thing about this whole situation was that last week as I was spring cleaning, I walked past this cupboard (that has clear doors so you can see the contents inside).  I was on a "we have too much junk and I need to pack it all up and send it to Goodwill!" rampage and thought this cupboard needed some purging too!  Well, I'm not sure I would have purged it down to only 3 soup bowls, dessert bowls, and 3 wine glasses, but now my cupboard has an almost empty shelf!   

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pinepod said...

Wow! Glad no one was seriously hurt though. I have the job of unloading the dishwasher too but I'm bigger than your daughter though but we don't have a whole lot on the top shelves anyways.