Monday, March 18, 2013

A Late Wake-Up, Icky Weigh-In, & A Great Workout!

This morning got off to a cruddy start.  The past two mornings my alarm hasn't gone off.  Yesterday morning it was because I didn't set it (oops), and this morning was due to the fact that I had the actual time set wrong (had it set for PM instead of AM..oops again) so my alarm wouldn't have gone off until this evening.  THAT  wouldn't have been very beneficial at all!  Anyways, when I finally woke up the clock read 6:44...and my son (whom I normally wake up at 6) gets on the bus at 6:50-6:55.  I don't know how we did it, but he was able to shower and get ready AND make it to the bus in time.  I sure was glad because last night we had freezing rain and the roads were icy...and I did NOT want to have to drive him to school in those conditions.  

After that, I got the girls up, dressed, and on the bus and only then was I able to take a deep breath!

I am supposed to do a 3 mile training run today and the forecast showed rain all day.  Running in the rain is where I draw the line between courageous and wimpy.  I don't like soggy clothes, shoes, you name it.  So I needed to devise a plan of how to get my 3 miles in.  It involved my treadmill.  I HATE running on the treadmill.  Especially anything over 1 mile.  But I had some motivation from hubby (more on that below), so I was determined to get these 3 miles in if it killed me (and it could have).  

Since we are in the middle of a master bathroom installation project, our bedroom as double as a construction supply storage area.  This is what I saw when I entered my room....can you spot the treadmill?  

So the first step was to move everything around in order to actually have space to unfold the treadmill.  That was a workout in itself!!  Then I hopped on and got the party started.  As I starting my walking warm-up I came up with this workout that involved running 1/4 of a mile, then stopping to do a strength exercise:

0-.1 mile:  Walk @ 3.5 mph
.1-.25 mi: Run @ 5.0 mph
15 Bicep Curls (using 10 lb weight until exhaustion and finishing with 5 lb weight)
.25-.50 mi:  Run @ 4.5 mph
15 Hammer Curls with 5 lb weight
.50-.75 mi: Run @ 6.0 mph
15 Tricep Kick-backs & 20 Tricep Pulses
.75- 1.0 mi: Run @ 5.5 mph
15 Pushups on knees
1.0-1.25 mi: Run @ 5.0 mph
15 Over Tricep Presses with 1 10 lb weight 
1.25-1.50 mi:  Run @ 5.5
15 Chest Flys with 5 lb weights
1.50-1.75 mi:  Run @ 6.0
Stepped side to side and lifted alternating knees
1.75-2.0 mi: Walk at 3.8 mph
15 Standing Rows on each side with 10 lb weight
2.0-2.25 mi:  Run @ 5.5 mph
Stretched calves (they were really burning)
2.25-2.50 mi: Run @ 5.0 mph
15 Pushups on knees
2.50-2.75 mi:  Run @ 5.5 mph
15 Squats with Overhead Presses using 10 lb weights
2.75-3.0 mi: Run @ 5.0 mph
3.0-3.15 mi: Walk @ 3.5 mph
3.15-3.25 mi: Walk @ 3.0 mph

Here is what my treadmill said when I was done:

I'm not sure the 530 calories burned was accurate (normally I figure @ 110 calories for every mile ran), but my actual time on the treadmill was 40:22 mins, so all in all it was probably an hour workout!  Woohoo!  And I feel awesome!  I got my 3 miles in, worked up a sweat, AND did some strength training to tone my flabby grandma arms!

Speaking of flabby grandma arms...I think I'm starting to notice some toning action going on since I've started doing strength stuff again!  It's always great to see results!

Now about my weigh in.  As much as I HATE to report this, the scale said 174 this morning!  I think I was 173 last week.  But I guess it could be that I'm gaining some muscle.  Or it could be that I ate too many helpings of the TWO Lemon Lushes that I made this weekend.  I'm sure hoping it's muscle. 

Hubby and I had a conversation awhile back about one of his friends promising his wife a trip to Florida if she lost weight.  Now before you get yourself in a tizzy and think this guy is a total jerk, his wife wants to lose weight and he thought this would give her added motivation.  So that got me thinking...why not set a reward for myself like that?  Hubby and I are always dreaming of taking a nice vacation somewhere tropical together, but we never book anything.  So it never happens.  So I asked him what he thought of using that as a reward for my reaching my goal weight.  He said sure!  He quickly realized that it's a win-win situation with  him...he gets a hot looking wife AND a vacation...with no work on his part.  He's a smart man. 

So I am going to get my butt in gear and shed some pounds and in the meantime we are going to decide on a place we'd like to go to.  As I felt like I was dying on the treadmill this morning and really wanting to give up, this reward helped to motivate me to keep going.  I hope the motivation continues!

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