Tuesday, June 2, 2015

The Moving is DONE! Woohoo!

We are DONE moving!  Can I get an Amen?!  What a looooooong, tiring process moving is!  I underestimated the amount of things we own and found myself wanting to throw everything in the trash just so we didn't have to move it!  lol  And don't even get me started on the things my hubby owns that he used for business.  Wowzers.  We are blessed.  And by blessed, I mean, hoarders.  So after lots of moving days and one big moving weekend, here we are.  And we are adjusting well which is always helpful.  I knew we were going to be ok when my kids started complaining when they realized I was pulling into our old driveway so I could clean before handing the keys over to the new owners.  I thought they were just being typical kids and complaining.  But when I asked them why, they said they didn't want to go there because it was no longer our home.  That did this mama's heart good to hear that! 

Moving conjures up all sorts of questions and fears and anxieties and frustrations.  I can't tell you how tired I am of looking for things in boxes!  And moving boxes around because they are in the way of the box you need to look through.  We have lived here one full week and last week was spent trying to get our old house cleaned up and the remaining things moved out.  To tell you we were exhausted was a complete understatement.  So we pretty much did nothing this past weekend but rest up.  We watched movies and spent time together as a family. But this is a new week and now it's time to tackle the boxes.  I really don't like unpacking.  This house doesn't have the space that we had, so each time I unpack a box I encounter frustration because I don't know where to put anything.  Yesterday I worked on unpacking some kitchen boxes and organized the back hallway/entryway.  And today I am working in the girls' room.  I have made a lot of headway, but still have so much more to do!  And to top it off, my oldest daughter's birthday party is this Saturday and we are having the party here.  So that's motivation to keep unpacking and organizing! 

I also made a garden!  Not nearly as big as the one at my old house, but it's a garden!  I just hated to let a summer go by without having one.  I saw somewhere on pinterest where you make a raised bed from concrete cinder blocks such as THIS ONE And I just happened to have 11 of them!  So I used the edge of our concrete patio as one of the sides and used the blocks as the remaining 3 sides.  It's not a large garden, but was able to plant several green bean plants, 3 lettuce plants, 3 tomatoes, 1 summer squash, 1 zucchini, 1 spaghetti squash and 6 pepper plants.  I know this is nerdy, but it makes me almost giddy looking out at my garden through our patio doors!  I will try to take some pics of the garden once the bean plants sprout up.  I was also able to take 2 blueberry plants, some red raspberry starts, and several strawberry plants with us.  Unfortuntely my peach tree had to stay.  SOMEDAY I WILL have an orchard!  But for now we will keep things simple.

As far as our forever home, we are still looking.  We looked at a house last week that was a strong contender and we have contemplated putting an offer on it.  But something keeps telling me that that house is not the one.  So we will wait.  I keep wondering if maybe we are too picky.  But is it bad to be picky when we will be draining our savings to buy it?  We want to make a wise decision but I will admit sometimes I just want to buy the next thing available  just to be home owners again and get out of this rental.  Then again, the thought of moving AGAIN makes me feel queasy!