Tuesday, January 17, 2012

YUMMY No-Bake Energy Bites

Thanks to my friend, Emilie, I have a new favorite snack recipe to share with you!  Actually, she snagged it from another blog, but I'm totally stealing it...and giving her the credit of course! 

I made them last night and the only thing I didn't do (which I should have), was grind the flax seed.  I just threw in the whole seeds...not thinking about how crunchy they are.  They are still good despite the crunch-factor though!  They make me think of no-bake cookies...only healthier!!  My kids even like them, so these are a hit!

The recipe can be found a blog called Smashed Peas And Carrots (how cute is that name?).  Click here to go to the recipe and start making your own no-baked goodness!!

** UPDATE:  I had a friend comment that she couldn't load the page, and I was having problems with it myself.  I found the recipe on an alternative site, so forget at the link above, and click HERE.

Enjoy! :)


Jeanette said...

I tried looking at the site, but it would not load properly. The picture looks yummy...I just couldn't get down to the recipe!

snyderpartyof5 said...

I was having problems with the site too. I will post the recipe for everyone asap!