Thursday, January 26, 2012

I Am Second: Real Stories. Changing Lives by Doug Bender & Dave Sterrett

I Am Second:  Real Stories. Changing Lives. is an collection of awesome stories from various people.  Each story is an auto-biography of a different person.  Some of the stories are about people who are well-known, such as Bethany Hamilton, and others are ordinary people like you and me. 

We all have had moments of selfishness.  Moments where we've put ourselves on a pedestal and claimed that we were #1.  This book recounts numerous stories of how people who considered themselves #1 hit rock-bottom.  Once this happened, they were forced to cry out to God.  And each of them met God face-to-face in the midst of their despair.  Some were even Christians before they entered their valley, but came out on the other side with a true sense of what having a relationship with Jesus Christ is all about.  They found that it's not about being being first in their life.  It's about being Second and allowing God to take first place. 

This book is full of uplifting stories of God's mercy and grace.  From a divorced couple who were remarried several years later after God revealed His plan for them to reconcile to a guitarist in a popular band who gives up his career to be a stay at home dad and follow Christ, there is at least a few stories that you can relate your own life to. 

The book contains pictures of the different people whose stories are in the book, which was really nice.  And, at the end of each chapter, there are pictures of people with similar stories and the websites address to view videos of them telling their stories online. 

*I received a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for this honest review.   

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Doug and Catherine Bender said...

I wanted to say thanks for reviewing my book, I am Second: Real Stories. Changing Lives. I really appreciate your kind review. I also wanted to let you know that I have another book coming out on December 9 called Live Second: 365 Ways to Make Jesus First. The book contains 365 daily readings and prayers meant to inspire people to make Jesus First. I am organizing a Week-of-Second Blogging Campaign for bloggers like yourself. Please email at if you are interested in receiving a free e-version of the book and joining in the campaign.

Doug Bender