Thursday, January 12, 2012

Carbs, Anyone?

I must admit something to you.  I am addicted to carbs.  I mean, I LOOOOVE me some carbs.  I could eat them in a box.  I could eat them with a fox.  I could eat them here or there.  I could eat them everywhere!  (Sorry, couldn't resist quoting some Dr. Seuss!)  With each weigh-in where my weight has either gone up or stayed the same, I am forced to reflect on what happened the previous week to cause it.  And this week I've especially been thinking about it.  Mainly because I've been stuffing my face with carbs left and right, up and down.  And quite frankly I'm sabotaging my own weight loss goal.  I'm at the same weight I was when I started this weight loss goal of mine to "lose this weight once and for all."  Yeah, well, if I keep eating carbs like this, it ain't gonna happen.  Unless of course I choose to workout nonstop for the next 21 weeks. 

When I look at what I eat on a daily basis, fruits and veggies barely make the count.  It's mostly bread, cereal, cookies, or granola bars that top the list.  I am not one of those people who just naturally gravitate towards fruits and veggies.  To me, they are an after-thought...something to add to the plate to make make me feel like guilty about eating a not-so-healthy meal,  But it has to stop.  You might be wondering if I'm going to give them altogether, and the answer is No!  I still want to enjoy eating at least a little bit!  I am going to limit myself to 3 servings a day.  When those 3 servings have been eaten, no more carbs for me until the next day.  And I'm also going to ramp up my fruit and veggie servings. 

I think this will help me for several reasons... 

1.  It will help me keep track of just how much I'm eating carb-wise...and how many times I WOULD HAVE grabbed a carby snack, etc.  I think it will be an eye-opener.

2.  It will help me to be more conscious about my decisions.  For example, I LOVE fresh baked bread and could easily eat close to a whole loaf (make mine with butter and jam, thank you!).  So if I know I'm going to make bread, then I can skip the toast at breakfast and the granola bar for snack and "save" my carb servings for the bread instead. 

3.  This will have to cut down my calorie intake for the day.  (BTW - I'm doing HORRIBLY with calorie counting.  Just an FYI)  Since I'm not tracking them, I really have no clue how many I'm taking in.  For breakfast this morning I had a fried egg on toast with strawberry jam.  Don't knock it til you try's one of my family's faves.  Anyhoo, my breakfast this morning was roughly 250 calories.  I could easily have had 2 eggs with no toast or jam and it would have been 140 calories...and probably would have kept me feeling full longer because of the protein in the eggs and the fat in the oil..and I would have saved 90 calories!  Hind sight is 20/20. 

4.  I wonder if I start eating less carbs, if my body will crave them less.  Literally, they are all I want to eat anymore.  And it seems as if I can never have just one piece of bread or 1 cookie.  I always want more.  Being addicted to anything is not good so it's time have some self-control. 

I want to lose this weight more than anything (ok, well not ANYTHING, but you get the point).  I'm just tired of it dragging me down, both physically and emotionally.  I know it seems silly, but it's true.  It's a very real issue that I have and that I think about on a daily basis.  And honestly when I go to reach for a cookie, I tell myself I shouldn't because of the goal I've set for myself.  But then I also tell myself that I have 21 weeks left in order to reach that goal.  Well sista, it's time for some intervention.  I WILL reach that goal...even if I have to give up bread, and pasta, and cookies, and granola bars entirely.  (Gulp.)  Enough is enough. 

So I plan to start this new way of eating tomorrow.  Mainly because I've royally screwed up today (can you say White Chocolate Macadamia Nut Cookies?) AND I'm in the process of trying out a new recipe and you've already heard how much I love bread.  I realize that sounds like a total cop out, but it's not.  I really am going to start tomorrow. 

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