Sunday, January 1, 2012

And #10 is...

Alright...I gave in to my needing-to-have-a-10th-goal-to-complete-the-list syndrome.  So here is #10:

10.  I want to log a total of 800 miles from my running workouts.  This may not all be miles that I've actually RAN, but if I head out on a 6 mile run and end up walking 1 mile, I'm still logging 6 miles.  Honestly, this goal seems harder to me than the rest.  Or maybe intimidating is the word.  I was trying to come up a with a number that would be achievable, but still challenge me (but not kill me).  I figure I normally run a total of 10 miles per week (give or take a few), so that would be 520 miles per year.  But I also know that I will rack up some serious mileage while training for the half-marathon, (I ran 397 miles during the training alone!)  So I think 800 is a reasonable goal.  (even though I'm intimidated by it royally!)  This is going to be challenging since I'm currently going to the gym 3 days a week instead of running, which will cut down my mileage...and that means I will have to ramp it up on my off-days from the gym.  My running buddy Jenny has committed to this goal also, which will be fun!

I will be keeping track of my mileage via and you'll be able to see my current totals on the right hand side of this blog! 

Here's to a GREAT 2012 full of lots of accomplishments!!

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