Monday, January 16, 2012

Day 1 With a New Outlook

Ok, ok, I know it's not Day 1, but to me it is.  At least mentally it is.  I had to start over and therefore, it's Day 1.  Sorry...I had to get that off my chest.  lol

Today is going well!  I am feeling a bit sleepy due to having 2 sick family members waking me up for the past two nights so I could tend to their needs.  They are now on the mend and I'm hoping tonight I can get a FULL night's rest...fingers crossed!  But as any mom knows...germs spread like wildfire, so if one or two people get, it's usually a matter of time before the others get it.  Ok, enough of that negative talk...back to my outlook.

I have a new outlook!  Not really sure why or how, but I feel different.  I'm ready to put in the hard work to make this goal happen.  This morning I woke up, put together a meal to take to someone from my church who was just diagnosed with leukemia, and headed out to the gym.  I worked out hard for 1 1/2 hrs, then went to deliver the meal.  Afterwards I went to Stuff Mart to pick up a few things to get us through the week, including some spinach so I could make salads.  

Salad.  Honestly right now, the thought of eating a salad makes me want to gag.  I'm not kidding.  My class instructor, Dana, at the gym gives us weekly eating challenges for the week.  This week's was a doozy.  For 5 days out of 7, we are to: 

1.  Eat a salad for lunch with low-cal/low-fat dressing.
2.  Not eat sweets. 
3.  Not eat anything after dinner.  

So my new dedication and motivation totally got me pumped to eat a salad today for lunch.  Well, it didn't go so hot.  I have come to the conclusion that I don't like healthy salads.  I like UN healthy ones.  You know, with the bacon bits, and cheese, and ranch AND french dressing.  Oh yeah...and those little cubes of ham. (aren't they cute?)  I made a salad.  And tried to eat it.  I really did.  But it just wasn't going down very easily.  So after fighting it, I finally gave up and decided that I'd rather have nothing at all than that salad.  I was still hungry of course, so I had a half of a granola bar, and a piece of toast with natural peanut butter (can you say CARBS?)  

Other than the lunch fiasco, I feel good.  I am happy with my progress today and I'm excited to keep giving this my all until I reach my goal!  I'm just not looking forward to tomorrow's salad.    

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