Friday, January 6, 2012

No Spend January Update - Week 1

We are almost a week into our No-Spend January Challenge.  So far it's going ok.  I say ok because it seems as if great deals are popping out nonstop and I just want to buy them but I can't!  Each time I tell myself No, it does feel great a weird scroogy type of way.  I must admit that I have bought a couple of things...

*3 rolls of ribbon to make sweat bands.  I have had numerous people at the gym ask me about the ones I've made for myself and if I would be interested in selling some.  So I spent $7.91 plus tax on ribbons...BUT I can make quite a few from those supplies and will sell them for $5 if I sell 2 of them, I will make my money back. 

*2 bales of hay for the pygmy goats - $6.00

I also bought a Jillian Michaels DVD and a nail polish BUT I used a store credit from Walmart that I recieved after returning some duplicate Christmas gifts.  So I personally don't think that counts!


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Kim said...

Glad to hear it isn't just me that is fighting the urge to buy the deals! The only thing I really wanted to Christmas wrapping paper on sale and still haven't found any worth the money.

I agree that the great deals seem to have spilled right over into January.

Discipline, discipline, discipline. Thanks for the encouragement.