Monday, January 2, 2012

My Dirty Rotten Stinkin' Terrible No-Good Weigh In

So you can probably guess from the post title that I didn't have a good weigh-in this morning.  And you're guessing right. 

Let me back up and give you a recap of my week....

I worked out EVERY DAY last week!  And I worked out extra super hard 4 of those days.  The other three days I ran a total of 12 miles. 

Yesterday morning when I weighed in (just out of curiosity), the scale said 175!  I was so excited!  So thatweigh in is what spurred on my 6 mile run ENSURE that I would keep that loss until this orning's official weigh-in.  So I'm not sure what happened.   Today the scale said 177!  That is up 2 pounds from yesterday morning AND 1 pound from last Monday's weigh-in! 

So today I'm TICKED.  Ticked because I worked my tail off to do what...GAIN?  GRRRRR.  I keep telling myself that MAYBE it's muscle.  But I don't really believe it...not sure why.  Maybe because that feels like the an excuse.  I could also say that maybe I was putting undo stress onto my body and it was in shock from all the hard exercise I was making it do.  Again, another excuse. 

I guess I will just wait until next week and see if I've lost weight over the long-term.  So change that weight loss goal of mine to 27 pounds instead of 26.  How humbling. 

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Jeanette said...

I know it's harder to "measure", but maybe your goals should pertain to how you look and feel rather than a specific number? Those small changes so often can relate to water and/or muscle mass anyway. I don't like to see you get so discouraged over a few numbers on a scale! You've made so many healthy lifestyle changes and you're doing a great job!!!