Friday, January 6, 2012

Can't Believe It's Friday Already!

Where on earth did this week go?  My kids didn't go back to school until Tuesday, which sort got the week off to a weird start.  But it's Friday?  Holy cow.  What a blur. 

Here was my week in a nutshell:

Monday - went to the gym, then spent the day with the kiddos before they headed back to school.  Made some laundry detergant.  I thought I was completely out of it...but midday through making the new batch I realized I had about 5 gallons yet!  So I now have about a  6 month supply! 

Tuesday - took the day off from working out to let my body rest.  Kids went back to school.  Worked out in the garage and worked on housework.

Wednesday - went to the gym, picked up a neat locker-type piece of furniture (for $15!!!) for the foyer...which then led me to rearrange the entire foyer.  This still is not 100% complete, but I hope to finish it up today.  Tumbling was cancelled, so we enjoyed a night at home.

Thursday - spent the entire day at home, but didn't accomplish as much as I'd like to.  Ground some flour and made some bread (with a new recipe...didn't like it).  Picked up some hay for the goats at a neighbor's house.  Made a yummy dinner and watched Rio with the kids in the evening (great movie btw!)

Today - went to the gym despite feeling icky when I woke up (I think I'm getting a cold), ran to the store to get milk and a few essentials to get us through the weekend until official grocery shopping.  Going to grab a shower, pop lunch in the oven, eat lunch, and head to the garage for an hour or so to do some paperwork for our accountant that I have put off for too long this week.  After that, I'm finishing up in the foyer and putting some shelves out on the porch to store pet food, potting soil, etc.  I hope it works ok!

So that is my week!  Not too productive, but good enough for being a not-normal week! 

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