Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Today's Workout: 3 Mile Interval Treadmill Workout + Arms

I did it.  I finally got my workout in for today.  I was really dreading my 3 mile run today...mainly because I did NOT want to go outside.  It's a beautiful day, but its looks are very deceiving because it's only in the low 30's.  And I despise running in the cold.  Even though I always warm up once I get started.  Even though I know how great I will feel when I'm done.  I just can't seem to tame my inner-whiner when it comes to the cold.  But the good thing about training for any race is that you can't put off the training runs forever...eventually you just have to break down and do them.  So I did.

After doing a quick search on Pinterest for Interval Treadmill Workouts, I found one posted on www.carrotsandcake.com.  

But once I got started and realized that the woman who runs that blog must be a beast and it far surpassed my running abilities, I tweaked it and came up with this...

Warm Up: 0.0-0.1 @ 5.2 mph
Interval 1:  1.0-1.25 @ 6.5 mph
Rest:  1.25-1.50 @ 3.7 mph
Interval 2:  1.35 - 1.60 @ 6.5 mph
Rest:  1.60 - 1.70 @ 3.7 mph
Interval 3:  1.70-1.95 @ 5.5 mph
Rest:  1.95 - 2.05 @ 3.7 mph
Interval 4:  2.05 - 2.30 @ 6.5 mph
Rest:  2.30 - 2.40 @ 3.7 mph
Interval 5:  2.40 - 2.65 @ 5.5 mph
Rest:  2.65 - 2.75 @ 3.7 mph
Interval 6:  2.75 - 2.90 @ 6.0 mph
Cool Down:  2.90 - 3.0 @ 3.5 mph

I'll be honest, there were a couple of times early on in the workout that I was mentally breaking down.  But the treadmill and I seem to have a love-hate relationship like that.  This one was tough.  And about 2/3 of the way through it my left knee started hurting.  I think I slightly pulled a tendon or ligament or something behind my left knee on Saturday's 8-mile run and it was feeling fine today until I started running again.  So I'm currently icing it while blogging and drinking my post-run chocolate milk.  I'm such a multi-tasker!  

After this grueling workout, my arms were feeling a bit neglected, so I decided to work them too.  Here is what I did:

(All with 10 lb weights, except for the push-ups...although that would be funny to see!)

10 Bicep Curls
8 Front Lateral Raises
8 Bent Over Flys
8 Bent Over Rows each side
8 Hammer Curls
8 Tricep Kick Backs
10 Girly Push Ups

All in all, I'm pleased with my workout today.  Time to hop in the shower cuz I've got a serious workout STANK going on!  

Happy Tuesday! :)

*BTW - the running part of this workout took approx 35 mins and the arms part took approx 10 or so.

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