Monday, April 8, 2013

This Morning's Weigh-In and My Busy Week!

Good morning!  I'm heading to work soon, but I figured you would miss your normal Monday blog post, so I'm going to post a quick one!

First of all, I weighed in this morning and the scale said 172.8.  I'm absolutely thrilled about this since last week's weigh-in didn't go so well.  I guess getting sick has its perks, huh?  Ok, not really.  

This week is a busy week...or at least it feels that way.  Here's the schedule:

Today:  Work until 5.  Come home make dinner and take 2 kids to a 4-H meeting at 6:30.  Then pick them up from said meeting.  I may try to catch a walk (or run) while they are at the meeting.

Tuesday:  Volunteer in my daughter's classroom from 12:30 until 3.  Then pick the girls up from school and head to Mt. Vernon for gymnastics until 6.  

Wednesday:  Dentist appt in the morning.  Teaching a friend to make bread in the afternoon.  And Evan has a hair cut at 5.  

Thursday:  My Birthday!  Hubby has taken the entire day off so we are going to spend it together doing whatever I want...and I think I want to go shopping.  (He's not nearly as excited as I am...hehe)

Friday:  Work until 6. 

Saturday: Work until 3.  Run 9 miles.

Sunday:  Church in am.  Late lunch at my FIL's.  

And on top of all of this, there's the normal cooking, cleaning, laundry, yard work, etc etc.  And I need to run at least a 3-miler & a 5-miler!  Deep Breath......

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