Friday, April 5, 2013

Morning Sickness

Now before you get all excited thinking that this post it going to be about me announcing my pregnancy, it's not.  And I'm not.  But I did get sick.  In the morning.  1 am to be exact.  I went to bed Wednesday night feeling full.  Of fried mush and upside-down pizza (see last two posts!).  Little did I know I would be sick 4 hrs later.  And boy was I sick.  I spent the entire early morning making trips to the bathroom.  Lying on the bathroom floor.  Hugging the porcelain god.  At about 3 am, hubby started making his way to the bathroom too.  We got the kids off to school (well, they pretty much got themselves off to school) and we were in bed feeling miserable.  When my son left for school I asked him how he was feeling and he said he had indigestion/heartburn but felt fine.  My hubby had also had heartburn, but Evan assured me that he was fine so off to school he went.  And bless his heart, after he woke up his sisters for school we later found out that he had given them both Vitamin C, so he must have been able to see just how sick his parents were!  At about 11 am we received a call from the girls' school saying that Kailyn, our 8 yr old, had gotten sick at school and needed picked up.  Luckily my step-dad works 2nd shift so he was home (because there was no way we were able to drive anywhere) and said he could pick her up.  I went ahead and had him pick up both girls in case Allie came down with it. After I got the call from the elementary school, I decided I had better call the middle school where my son was to see how he was feeling since Kailyn had exhibited no signs of being sick when she left that morning and yet was sick.  He said he felt fine.  I told him this illness comes on very quickly so if he starts feeling sick to immediately get to the bathroom.  He said he would.  At 1 pm I get a call from Evan to come pick him up because he is sick.  So I called my mom and she agreed to pick him up.  When she arrived at our house, Evan jumps out of the car and proceeds to up-chuck in the driveway.  (Sick to well ratio - 4:1)  My mom stayed to make the kids some mac & cheese, do the dishes, and just make sure everyone is ok for awhile, which was awesome because there is nothing worse than being sick and having to take care of sick kids....or well ones for that matter.  I also made her take home every last ounce of fried mush and feel the upside-down pizza to the dogs because I couldn't bear the thought of looking at it!  Luckily the kids didn't have as extreme of symptoms that hubby and I had.  By 5 or 6 pm, EVERYONE in the Snyder Household was fast asleep.  Hubby commented later that he couldn't think of a time in the evening with everyone home where the house was that quiet.  I had to agree.  We woke up around 8pm and watched some TV until 10 pm and shipped everyone off to bed.  We all slept soundly through the night.  The kids are all at school today and hubby and I are vertical once more, although still not 100%.   

One thing is for sure...I WILL NOT be eating any mush at the Amish breakfast tomorrow!

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