Monday, April 15, 2013

It's Monday Already?

I don't know about you, but our weekends seems to FLY by!  I worked both Friday and Saturday so I think that had something to do with it going by even more quickly.  The weekend was busier than normal (which I both love and hate).  Friday I worked until 6 pm then headed to the girls' elementary school for the Spring Fling and didn't get home until after 8 pm.  I woke up bright and early on Saturday and took the girls to my MIL's (mother-in-law's) house.  She had asked if she could take all three kids shopping...yes, she is a brave woman!  After dropping them off (Evan had spent the night at a friend's house and was being dropped off at my MIL's), I headed to work.  I worked until 3, then changed into my running clothes and met Jenny at our local Rails-To-Trails for our 9-Miler.  I must tell you that I was NOT looking forward to running it.  I had so many other things I would rather have been doing!  But it must be done, so I did it.  Midway through the run I started getting indigestion and having a hard time breathing properly due to the lunch I ate that apparently had not digested fully.  So I struggled through the last half.  And Jenny's hip started hurting.  So it was just one of those runs that we would consider as "crappy."  (Yes, I think that is a technical term...)  On a positive note, the weather was perfect.  It was overcast, but in the high to low 50's and it was perfect to run in!

After my run, I went through McD's to buy a chocolate milk (and yes, I hate paying $1 for a TINY little bottle of milk, but I was stupid desperate) for my post-run fuel and then to my MIL's to pick up the kiddos.  I visited for awhile and headed home (after getting milk and filling the tank with gas).  So I didn't get home until after 7 pm.  

Yesterday I woke up and begged persuaded my neighbor to go on a walk with me and we ended up doing 4 miles.  It was nice to get some exercise and catch up on happenings in each other's lives.  I came home and off we went to church.  Our church is doing a series right now called My Story and it's just downright awesome.  Each week features different people in our church who share their story and how God has changed them and worked through them.  I just love it!  

Here are the links if you'd like to watch them for yourself!

After church we did a bit of shopping in town mainly to kill time because we didn't need to be at my FIL's house until 2 for a late lunch.  After that we came home and I totally vegged out.  I wasn't feeling the best and just need to relax after such a crazy weekend!

This morning I'm on a roll!  I got up and started making cookies for Allie's class snack today.  I will share the recipe for my Whole Wheat PB Chocolate Chip Coookies in my next post!  

I also got on the scale.  174.  OUCH.  HOWEVER, I know why.  And I am totally to blame.  It's called PIE.  Yep.  Remember that Raspberry Cream Cheese Pie we brought home from the Amish Bakery?  Well, I've indulged in a piece of it every single night since then.  I didn't want it to go to waste!  Well, I am done with pie....even though there are 2 pieces still left in the fridge.  No more pie for me!  Desperate times call for desperate measures...I am starting to count calories this week.  I hate counting calories, however I bought a cute little notebook at Family Dollar yesterday for a buck and now I'm all motivated to use it as my food journal... 

Isn't it cute?
It's amazing how strong of a motivator polka dots can be!  

I am also using My Fitness Pal to help me calculate what my daily calorie intake should be and how many calories are in the foods I eat.  It's been an eye-opening experience!  I was figuring up how many were in my favorite Chocolate PB Banana Smoothie and it shocked me!  So I made some adjustments (because I hate consumed it yet) to cut the cals down a bit.  Right now my daily intake is set for 1550, although I'm thinking that might be too high.  I figure I'll try it for a week and see how much I lose and then adjust it accordingly.  I've set my goal to lose 1 lb per week.  

Happy Monday!

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