Monday, January 7, 2013

This Week's Hit List

Now that the holidays are over and life has slowed down a bit, I thought I should get back to posting some weekly goals...known as my Hit List. I'm such a list person (as long as I don't lose my list) and I love love LOVE crossing something off that list!

In addition to my Hit List, I will TRY to post my current weight each week.  The scale said 171 lbs this morning.  Not too shabby for not working out much AND dealing with all the holiday food.  I'm hoping to be down to 165 by the first Monday in Feb.  So, wish me luck!

Here's what I would like to accomplish this week:

1.  Plan my meals for the week as well as put together a grocery list.  I've been slacking on this royally...which means I've been spending too much on groceries AND not serving the healthiest of meals.  Shame on me!

2.  Run/Walk 3 times this week and strength train 2 times.  Again, been slacking on this one.  Although in my defense I was SUPER busy at work and subbing at school most of December.  And once things slowed down I was hit with Influenza and was down for a good week.  But before that, I just lost my running mojo.  But today I think I found it!  I headed out bright and early for a 3.75 mile walk/run and it felt awesome!  Since I've slacked off on working out in general, I'm feeling a bit flabbalicious...and that's never a good thing!

3.  Get a jump-start on tax-prep for the business.  I want to get our taxes filed asap, so I'd like to use my days off to spend some time in the garage catching up on bookkeeping so when our accountant asks about our info, I'll be ready!

4.  Organize the kids' clothes.  They have too many and their clothes are out of control.  Time to purge and find the off-season keepers a home.  I'm envisioning pretty labels too...

5.  Pack up all 2012 papers and store them.  Who doesn't love less papers hanging around their house?  Nuff said!

6.  Plan a Girl's Night Out for sometime this month.  I need me some girl time!

7.  Pack up Christmas tree/decorations.  I've totally been slacking on this one...everything is usually put away before Jan 1st!

Hmm...I imagine that's enough for now.  Don't want to overdo it...I would much rather cross everything off a short list than to cross only a few things off a long list.  I think I will keep a running list of projects/tasks I want to accomplish this year and then I can use that list when deciding what my weekly goals are.

Hope you have a great productive week too! :)

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