Monday, August 13, 2012

Week #5 Weigh-In

Well, apparently being extremely busy is good for my weight loss!  The scale showed 176.8 this morning!  So that means I've lost 3.2 lbs in the past 5 weeks!!  Not great, but it's still something!  I didn't work out once this past week and didn't watch what I was eating either.  Go figure.  This week is a new week and I'm ready to get serious about working out and watching what I put in my mouth.  I have my 15 yr high school reunion and I'm so nervous about going to it!  I don't want to be the person everyone talks about because they've gained so much weight!  I haven't really, I just have come to the realization that I am not as thin as I think I am and my jiggly parts are getting to me big time.  My reunion is Oct 6th, which give me just under 8 weeks to lose some poundage.  I'm really not sure specifically HOW I am going to do this though...I haven't been able to find that "happy place" where I know how much exercise I need to do and what calorie intake is best for me in order to lose.  So maybe that needs to be my focus this week.  I do know that I want to make up some sort of nightly strength training regimen and hubby said he'd do it with me! 

Here's my starter list that I will add to once I think of more:

Everyday - 100 reps of ab exercises - any combination
M W F - 20 Push Ups, 20 Tricep Dips, 20 Chest Presses.
T TH S - 20 Bridges, 1 Wall Squat, 50 Leg Lifts with stretchy band - any combination

I'm hoping the strength training in addition to my cardio workouts (either running or walking or going to a class at the gym) will help accelerate my calorie burn and help tone up those flabby areas!

I don't want to be realistic but it would be awesome to lose 1 lb per week, which would put me at a 12.2 lb weight loss by the time my reunion rolls around.  But my next goal is to reach 175 lbs, which is only 1.8 lbs away!  After that it will be 170 lbs.  170 lbs is the lowest my weight has been since I started this weight loss journey a few years ago!  I will most definitely rejoice when that scale reads 169!  But for now, I will just take whatever loss I can get.  Every little bit helps and eventually adds up to a big loss! 

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