Monday, August 13, 2012

Solo Run #1: A Success!

As part of my Weekly Chase (see previous post), I made the goal of running at least 2 solo runs this week.  I'm such a WIMP when it comes to running by myself.  I've even been known to have a complete emotional break-down.  Right in the middle of the road.  Like a lunatic.  Just because it felt too difficult to run.  HELL-O???  What is wrong with me?  Well, today I set out to run, just me, myself, and I.  After strapping on all of my technical gear...Garmin watch, Asics, running belt, mp3 player, etc, I headed out the driveway.  And here comes Bear and two adorable, but very annoying while running, dogs.  So I told my son to yell for Piper (Bear isn't as annoying, but Piper is part coondog, so she goes crazy in the wild and I have had to save her tail from being hit by a car quite a few times while running) so back to the house she went.  As I am stretching at the end of the driveway, here she comes again.  By this time I'm frustrated.  When I get frustrated, I tend to just give up.  And pout.  But not this time!  I ended up putting her in the garage with hubby and Bear and I took off. 

And I was pleasantly surprised!  I think I actually like running solo!  I can just run and not have to worry about creating a talking/breathing combination that won't result in passing out!  And I can listen to music along the way with a beat that nearly matches my cadence (if you haven't checked it out yet, go to - it's awesome!) 

So my plan was to do 2 miles.  But I ended up doing 3.  Or at least I guess it was 3 miles.  My Garmin quit halfway through.  (Mental note: your Garmin will NOT last throughout a 3 mile run when the battery life is only at 16%)  But I know where the mile marker is and I did close to 1.5 miles before turning back.  And once I got to my driveway I decided to keep going which was probably another 1/2 I'm totally calling it 3 miles. 

I can't tell you how proud I was of myself!  And I was working hard too...I had the sweat going and had to catch my breath at the turn around point.  And I only stopped once.  Did you get that?  ONCE.  That is unheard of for me.  Oh yeah...and there were hills!  And I ran them ALL without stopping!  And I even sprinted on the last bit of the run!  What has gotten into me?  I hate sprinting!

So this running thing was a success in my book!  It no longer feels like a daunting task to get out and run by myself!  Go me!

I also realized today that I am WAAAAAY behind on updating my mileage goal.  I think the last I posted was before the half marathon in May!  I am going to try to go back through my Garmin records and tally up all the miles I've put in since then and get a current number posted.  I am sure you have been waiting patiently for

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