Monday, December 14, 2009

Week 3 Weigh In

I just weighed in and I'm not happy with the results. 183.2lbs. Another .4lbs gone, but I was hoping for more than 1.8lbs lost in two full weeks. I was actually a bit nervouse before stepping on that scale this morning. My weekend was full of inactivity and eating foods that were anything but healthy. It is very frustrating to workout 5 days during the week and then screw it up with calorie intake over the weekend!

On Friday night, hubby and I had a date night where we went to a local Restaurant. Neither of us had been there before and really didn't know what to expect. Well...let's just say they serve mostly deep-fried foods. After hubby declined my offer to split a meal, I ordered a mushroom swiss burger with BBQ sauce, lettuce and tomato. The menu said that my sandwich would come with "a butt-load of fries". And boy were they right. The serving plates themselves are more like a serving platter that you would use to serve a whole chicken on during Sunday dinner! The sandwich was 1/2 lb of beef, which was big enough and the rest of the plate was full of fries. Granted, you did get your money's worth. But I noticed that I was falling into the consumer trap. I got a good deal on my meal and I didn't want to let it go to waste! I only ate half of my burger and maybe 1/3 of my fries and was stuffed. We also ordered some mushrooms (deep-fried of course!) as an appetizer and I ate maybe a third of the basket full. Needless to say, I consumed a lot of calories in that one meal.

One thing I did notice is that I need to make more thorough choices. I made a decision to get the burger because I knew the deep-fried fish sandwich would be too many calories, which was good, but I didn't explore any healthier options. After we ordered, a couple in the booth across from us received their SALADs! Then the light bulb in my head went on: YOU SHOULD HAVE ORDERED A SALAD! But, I don't remember seeing any salads on the menu...but I wasn't looking for them either. I automatically started searching from the sandwich menu and the rest is history.

I think this week I will try to workout 6 days a week instead of just 5. That extra workout will help if I do have a calorie filled weekend. I would also like to find a good weight loss story to read. I am so inspired by reading about people's weight loss journeys and I think it will help to keep me motivated. I am also going to try to be more serious about not eating flours and sugars and incorporating more fruits and veggies.

I have to admit, I REALLY do not want to get on that treadmill today! After two days off from working out, my motivation is gone. BUT...I will work out. My body has won this battle long enough and it's not going to continue to win!


Kim said...

Don't give up! - Not speaking from experience here, but from the results I have seen in my co-workers. They worked out and changed diets for what seemed like months without a lot of big results and then - wow - you could really see the difference. Big difference. They both felt really discouraged too because they didn't see much happen at first for all the sacrifice, but it has paid off.

I love reading your journey through this!

Kim said...

I think you might find her blog post very interesting and encouraging.

snyderpartyof5 said...

Geez, sorry I didn't reply Kim! I'm still new to this whole blogging thing! I didn't realize I even had any comments! I was just thinking to myself that I wished someone would leave a comment so I'd know that someone is at least reading this stuff and then I saw your two posts! Thanks so much!! BTW - I bookmarked the link you gave me and plan to read up on it later today! Thanks again! :)