Monday, December 7, 2009

Hello Week 2!

I've made it to Week 2 and I am pumped to see progress soon! The fact that I worked out 6 days last week (plus a double workout on Friday) is progress enough for me right now! I was so sore last week from working out that I was a bit miserable. I guess I need to find the balance of working out hard, yet not so hard that I am so sore the following day. Last week I did a mixture of c25k workouts and various Biggest Loser workouts..both cardio and strength training. I think I can already start to see my calves toning up...and rightfully so after all that walking and jogging I did last week! lol

This morning I weighed in at 183.6, which means I have lost 1.4lbs. Not great, but not terrible either! I want this weight loss to be slow and steady so I can keep it off long term. I have to admit that I was hoping for a bigger loss, but after reflecting on the past week, my exercise was great, but my eating wasn't too good. There was lots of birthday cake and pizza, and more pumpkin roll slices than I care to share about. I am finding that I get so hungry for something sweet..and those sweets add up calorie-wise! Today I plan to pick up a pineapple because I notice that I actually crave that over cookies and cakes when it comes to something sweet to eat. I need to find some more alternatives to quench my sweet tooth too.

Now that I have been focusing on losing this weight and becoming healthier, I feel as if my eyes are being opened to what people are consuming and why obesity is such a problem in this country. Over the weekend, Kailyn and I went shopping and she requested that we eat at McDonald's for dinner. As we waited amongst the numerous other people to order and recieve our food, I listened to what people were ordering and it saddened me. I watched as a mom and her daughter ordered their meal. They both were what I would call overweight. The daughter, who looked to be maybe 12 or 13, ordered a Double Quarter Pounder meal! Granted, she only ordered the medium meal, but what McDonald's calls medium is actually extra large in my book. At such a young age, she has already started battling with obesity...what is her life going to be like as an adult? It's sad to me that the $1 menu entices us to eat foods that are nutritionally void, high calorie and high fat and we think it's a good deal. We can get a double cheeseburger for $1, and it's such a great deal...but we're still hungry and we've put nothing nutritious into our bodies in the process. When my daughter asked to eat there, I sort of cringed because I knew that mass calories were in my future. I didn't do too badly though. I ordered a Ranch Snack Wrap and a Fruit and Walnut salad and a water. I was full and I think the entire meal was around 400 calories. The only improvement I could have made would have been to order grilled chicken breast instead of the crispy. But I definately will do that next time I'm forced to eat there!

Today I really did not want to work out. I got up early, but used every excuse not to exercise. I ended up spending my exercise time in prayer and devotions, which isn't a bad thing. But I notice as the day goes on, I lose my motivation more and more to work out. But today I overcame myself and did it! I did my first c25k Week 2 workout and as always I feel great! It was a hard workout while I was doing it, but you just cannot replace the feeling of accomplishment and self-denial you get after a great workout! Tomorrow I plan to do a double workout since I will be traveling to Columbus on Wednesday to take my daughter to the dentist. We usually have to leave early and we are so rushed that I probably will not take the time to stop and exercise. But I'm planning ahead for it and will do double tomorrow so I will not experience the normal guilt after missing a workout.

I'm on my way and it feels great!

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