Tuesday, October 9, 2012

It's Tuesday Already?

Well, so much for posting my goals on Monday...it's Tuesday!  And after looking over last week's goals, I don't think I can cross anything off of it!  It was just a busy, crazy week.  On Tuesday morning I got the call that my grandma had passed away and we had her services on Friday.  And the weekend was even busier with 2 football games, a 5K race, small group, and a 15 yr class reunion!  Oh yeah, and my daughter was sick Wednesday and Thursday and was home from school!  Then I started feeling a bit icky in the tummy area for a few days following her illness.  After typing all of that, I suddenly feel much better about my failing miserably at my to-do list...I had viable excuses!  

I've been thinking about this week's goals and what they should be and I've decided to forgo making any goals this week!  This week is another busy one (minus any illnesses and deaths...knock on wood).  I had to run some errands yesterday and take K to gymnastics.  Today I have a dentist appt and am taking a meal to a friend who just got out of the hospital.  Tomorrow I have to take the girls to the dentist in Columbus (which is 1.5 hrs one way!).  Thursday I have a friend coming over to visit while hubby fixes her car.  And Friday...who knows what Friday will bring (hopefully REST)!  Saturday we have a football game, and Sunday I'm running a 5K Race (I somehow unknowingly signed up for 3 5K races in 3 weeks!  YIKE!) and also a family lunch.  At our house. I also have applied for a job at our local school district and the application deadline was yesterday...so I'm expecting they will be calling to set up an interview at some point this week.  So my goal is to survive all those days and still be sane by next Monday! 

What are your goals for this week?

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