Monday, October 1, 2012

Another Depressing Weigh In

Well, if I were trying to GAIN weight, I would rock at it!  The scale said 177 this morning, so I'm up a pound from last week.  And I hate it.  Last week was just stressful and I didn't eat the best.  Stress = chocolate consumption.  End of story.  And we had pizza Friday night.  And dinner at my MIL's house Sat night.  And lunch at my FIL's house Sunday.

 Here were my workouts from last week:

Monday: Gym - 1.25 hrs
Wednesday: About 15 mins of Tabata workout + 0ver 100 abs reps
Friday:  Gym - 1.25 hrs + ran 3 miles
Sat:  Ran 3 miles, walked 2.68 miles
Sun:  Ran 3 FAST miles

So I DID work out!  Maybe that extra pound is pure MUSCLE!  I doubt it though.  It's probably pure Twix bar sitting right on my backside. 

I really want to focus on my eating this week.  I want to cut my portion sizes and focus on having more fruits and veggies!  And I want to workout about the same as I did last week, but maybe spread it out a bit.  I'm skipping the gym this morning because I have a ton of stuff to do around the house (see my last post!).  But I would like to get a walk in at least. For this week, I would like to run/walk at least 12 miles.