Monday, September 24, 2012

My Weekly Hit List & Weigh-In

Well, can you believe I FORGOT about posting my goals this week?  In fact I forgot about even HAVING goals this week.  It's a typical Monday, I guess!  I got up this morning and went to the gym and before I go there, I got a call from my kids' principal asking if I could come in and cover for the lunchtime aide that had to call off.  I chuckled.  Out loud.  Because my class is over at 10:30 and I have to be at the school by 11am.  And the school is between where the gym is and my house, which meant I wouldn't have time to go home to change.  Which meant I was a sweaty, stinky lunchtime aide today!  The kids didn't seem to mind, but I did have one girl ask me if I had ridden my bike to school today.  So I apparantly looked quite athletic in my workout get-up!

So anyhoo, here are my goals from last week:

1. Pick up supplies for the boys' camping trip. (I will post more about that later on)
2. Call the campground where the boys will be camping and get info on pricing, etc.
3. Make applesauce.
4. Freeze corn.  (I froze some but there are still more corny-corns out there to freeze up!
5. Sales Tax Payment.
6. Get vanilla extract started. Hoping to pick up some vodka today
7. Workouts: Run 2 X, Walk 2X, and go to the gym once.  I honestly can't remember if I did this one or not~  I did go to the gym and I ran on Saturday and took a short walk one day, but I think that's all.
8. Try to stick with my daily cleaning routine. Hmmm...I didn't pretty good at keeping the house clean, however I didn't stick to the schedule...just sort of cleaned up what needed it, etc.

All in all, not too terribly bad! 

Here are my goals for this week:

1.  Close my Scentsy party. 

2.  Freeze corn.

3.  Clean my son's room.  Please don't misinterpret this.  His room is a mess.  And yes, I'm going to clean it for him...mainly because he's barely home right now with football.  So I will use this as a way to show my son some grace and kindness AND it will give me peace of mind because it's quite the pig-sty right now!

4.  Mow the yard.  I will do this because I know it will mean a lot to hubby.  He wanted to mow it last week and it just didn't happen...and then it rained. 

5.  Start sanding the desk that I bought for my daughter for Christmas.  I'm going to repaint it and it's going to look awesome!

Alright, I'm feeling the stress of this list creeping up on me, so I'd better stop now!  What are your goals for this week? 

Also, Monday is weigh-in day.  Even though I saw 174 on the scale last week, my official weigh-in today was 176.4.  Some days I think I will forever be stuck here!  But I did slack off on my workouts and my eating, so I'm not surprised. 

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