Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Monday Weigh-In

Today's Monday and that means I had to hop on the scale in my birthday suit and access the damage of the weekend's festivities.  I'm happy to report the scale said 175.4!  I had gained a couple of pounds thanks to my hormones and wanting to eat everything in sight (not to mention the water weight gain), and now I'm sane again.  (At least that's what my hubby's says!)  I'm trying to be more conscious of what I'm eating and trying to move more.  When I'm busy, I eat less, and I lose more!  So I'm back to my lowest weight in the past 6 months or so...woohoo.  Next week I want to see 174 on the scale!!

* Well, I'm not sure what happened, but I wrote this post on Monday...and just realized it was still in draft form and never got published.  Oops!  But I do have an update to the above info...this scale said 174.8 this morning!  Woohoo!  So I have hope that the scale will say 174 by next Monday!  Go me! 

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