Monday, July 30, 2012

Week 3 Weigh In...

Well, there's nothing exciting to report this week.  The scale said 178, which is the same thing it said last week.  I did ok with my eating last week, but not so great with my working out, so I know that's why.  Consider it a lesson learned.  I chose NOT to work out much last week and today I reaped the "rewards" of it.  I did, however do a grueling gym workout PLUS a 3 mile run on Friday, a 3.5 mile HILLY trail run on Saturday, and a nonstop 3.1 run yesterday.  Honestly, I think my body is in shock from the hard workouts.  It seems like when I work out a lot, or at a high intensity without a rest day, I gain weight.  I must say that it had better be from gaining muscle too!  Or at least that's my theory.  So today I rested.  Which actually has felt good because I've been a busy-body here at home trying to get some things done.

You see, life as I know it, stopped today.  Football conditioning started.  So that means that hubby and son will be gone 4 evenings this week.  Which means that I will be at home with the girls each night.  Which means that I won't be able to just go for a run and let hubby watch the kids for me.  Which means I need to prioritize my workouts and/or figure out a way to work them in in the morning and/or workout at home.  And it's HELL WEEK.  (That is the week before Aunt Flo comes...the week where I morph into a raving lunatic with out of control emotions who likes to eat everything in site.  And gain 5 lbs.  No, it's not pretty and yes, NO ONE looks forward to this week at my house.)  So...before the hormonal shift occurs (in approx 2 days), I need to have a plan.  So here it is:  Tomorrow I will go for a walk.  Wednesday I will run with a friend.  Thursday I will walk.  And Friday I will go to the gym.

Saturday and Sunday who knows what will happen.   My running buddy, Jenny, and I are coordinating the 1st ever 5K race for our town's Homecoming Festival.  Saturday will be taken up with the race, helping with the kids' games, eating a yummy chicken BBQ dinner (now that's hard work!), probably taking my son to the fairgrounds to help his 4H club do some decorating, and then we are having dinner with some friends that evening.  Sunday morning we will be loading up the hogs (or shall I say HOPEFULLY loading them up because they are quite stubborn and catch on to our plan quickly...I mean, honestly, would YOU want to hop in a trailer knowing you were going to die in approx 24 hrs?  Yeah, me neither.)  We will take 1 hog to the fair, the other 2 hogs to the butcher shop, then back home to load everything else up for the fair.  That night we will need to probably make another run to the fairgrounds to check on piggie, then take my oldest daughter to church camp. 

Then the fair festivities begin.  That week is usually a blur.  So maybe all the busy-ness and walking and such will counteract the fair food I consume. (Can you say stromboli?  YUMMO)  And who knows what sort of exercising I will get done that week.  I'm exhausted just thinking about everything that needs done.  Such is life. 

So, what started out as a quick post to let you know what the scale reported today turned into a looooong story about my upcoming life.  Sorry...and thanks for sticking around to read it all!  And while I'm rambling, i should probably warn you that I will probably NOT post my weigh-in next week.  I will probably forget.  Enough said.

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