Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Tuesday Recap

Well, I fell off the wagon...again.  But I knew I would because I was going to be away from home today shopping.  Nonetheless I am down to 178 this morning, so down 1.2 lbs from Monday. 

Breakfast - THM pancakes with caramel sauce (this sauce is my FAVE right now!)

Early Lunch - Trail bologna and Swiss cheese

Early Dinner - Subway's cold cut combo on flatbread with lots of veggies and sweet onion sauce. (6") 1/2 a cupcake (I have been wanting to try one from a local shop but it's always sold out so when I saw it was open, I caved in a moment of weakness)  Honestly, it wasn't even that good so I won't be going back there.  Then End.  1 HUGE (I'm not gonna lie) M & M cookie from Bob Evans.  I will be honest, it was good and totally unexpected because I got them for free when I bought my FIL's gift card for Christmas. 

Snack - Off-plan...again.  I ate some cheddar chex mix.  I probably could have eaten more, but I just told myself to go to bed because I had been bad. I did!

On a good note, I bought myself a new pillow because mine were feeling kind of flat and I haven't been sleeping well, and it make a huge difference!  I slept well!  And thankfully so because I have a busy rest of the week...and a busy day today!

 Happy Wednesday!

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