Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Monday Recap & This morning's weigh in

Well, I did GREAT following THM yesterday...until dinner hit.  I have realized my weakness is pizza....warm pizza straight from the oven.  And it all went downhill from there...

Breakfast: (E)  Eggwhite scramble with Laughing Cow Swiss Cheese and a Chocolate Fat-stripping Frappa (which I didn't finish eating)

Snack: (S) 1 hard-boiled egg with salt sprinkled on top.

Lunch:  (S) Egg-salad on 1 small Joseph's pita, and green beans with a smidge of bacon grease melted on top for flavor.  1 Chocolate Chip Cookie in a mug with THM caramel sauce drizzled on top.

Dinner:  (off plan)  2 slices pepperoni pizza and some whole wheat cutout cookies with no frosting.  (I told ya I went off plan!)

Despite my sins yesterday, the scale said 169.0 today, so that means 1.2 lbs is gone!  Woohoo!

Today I am assuming I will go off plan for lunch because I planning to go shopping with a friend and we will most likely eat fast food.  But planning to stay on plan for breakfast and dinner!

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