Saturday, February 4, 2012

What a Whirlwind Week!

I survived.  This week was crazy and at one point (namely this morning) I felt myself losing control because of the stress.  It started with my horrible cold (thank you Lord that it is pretty much gone) which didn't allow me to sleep for 3 straight days.  Although I felt horrible and had horrible congestion, I found that when I worked out I felt better...and the congestion went away.  So I worked out every day this week...sometimes twice!  On top of that, Allie's bday was this week and as of today, we have had 4 bday celebrations!  All in the past 4 days!  In addition to the celebrations..and the mass quanities of cake consumed, I co-hosted a baby shower for some ladies at my church.  And it snowed...alot.  So I drove in non-plowed, slippery roads to church, and almost wrecked my van, then drove on the slippery roads home. 

The past few days have just been a whirlwind.  I don't how else to explain it.  I'm pooped.  And in need of a good cry to release all this tension.  But tomorrow is a new day, right?  All that is on the agenda is church in the morning (I have to do check-in for our children't ministry, so I need to be there early), Kailyn's friend leaving after spending the night, a run with Jenny, a guy coming over to look at some doors we have for sale, a friend of hubby's coming over to make some sort of firewood tool, then a Super Bowl Party at 4:30.  

Deep Breath.  Inahle.  Exhale.  

I guess relaxing will have to wait until Monday.  No, wait.  On Monday I need to bake some cut-out cookies for the Living On A Shoestring group that I'm a part of.  Then Tuesday night is my son's Science Fair awards.  Wednesday is tumbling.  Thursday is FREE.  And at some point next weekend, we have DATE NIGHT!  I'm so looking forward to it!   

Maybe this post should be titled, Just Say No.  I have certainly learned my lesson.  I don't like how I feel when I'm stressed.  And I don't like who I become either.  I'm not very nice.  And I yell.  Alot.  It's an all-around bad situation.  Mental Note NOT to plan so many things on the same week!  I know where things went wrong though.  It was when I stop leaning on the Lord's strength to carry me.  And I tried to do everything relying on my own strength.  When will I learn?

So here is hoping to some soon.  In the meantime, just say NO.  It's freeing.  I should practice it sometime.  lol

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