Thursday, January 1, 2015

Hello 2015!

Happy New Year! 
I thought I would take a few minutes (or more) to do a recap on the 2014 and also look ahead to the things I would like to focus on in 2015.  I love the start to a new year and the feeling of starting over that it brings.  Not sure why I feel like I can only start over on January 1st, but I do! 
I originally was going to look back on my post stating last year's goals, but I think I will spare myself some feelings of disappointment of not achieving them all and focus on what I was able to accomplish instead.  So here goes....
Spiritually:  I feel like I have grown a lot spiritually in 2014.  I was a part of a 1 year mentoring small group with several other ladies.  In this group I formed some strong friendships, learned a lot about what true authenticity feels like, learned to allow others to pray for me when I was feeling so low and/or bared my struggles and faults, read some books that stretched me, and had the privilege of lifting others up in prayer.  I also have taken on some responsibilities at my church coordinating meals to be taken to those in need.  I have dealt with anger towards people who have wronged me and have practiced forgiveness, I have learned that my security does not come from people or things, and I am learning to have open communication with people about difficult things in order to develop real relationships. 
Physically:  I have mixed feelings about how I have done in this area.  I lost weight in 2014 and reached my lowest weight since having the kiddos.  But have also gained it back.  I haven't been consistent with my exercising and eating either.  But I also have tried to listen to my body more and get more sleep, try not to become anxious about things, and to take some time for myself each day to unwind.
Marriage:  My relationship has grown a ton this year!  Saying that does NOT mean that everything has been rainbows and unicorns.  In fact, we hit a very low spot this year...probably our lowest ever.  But we overcame it and now I feel like we are stronger than ever because of it. 
Financially:  I still definitely have room for improvement in this area, but I did make progress.  I have a system in place for paying bills, saving, and planning ahead for larger purchases and I can tell that it has helped us financially.
Friendships:  Through my small group that I was a part of I met an amazing gal and we sort of hit it off from the start.  Our time spent together has blossomed into a strong friendship.  I can be 100% real with her and she does not judge me.  She encourages me and holds me accountable.  Her friendship is irreplaceable.
Mothering:  Although I wouldn't say I am excelling in this area, I do think I have made some improvement.  I have realized the importance of having one-on-one time with each of the kids....even if it's just taking them grocery shopping with me.  I also am learning how to better communicate with my 14 yr old and diffuse conversations before they turn into heated arguments. 
Now, looking onto 2015....
Consistency is key!  I have great aspirations but I am not successful because I am not consistent! 
Spiritually:  I want to love to read the Bible.  I don't want to feel overwhelmed by it.  I want to have a daily consistent quiet time reading, learning, and praying.
Physically: I know I have said this a million zillion times, but I want to reach my goal weight THIS YEAR.  Enough already with the's time to git'r done!  So that means at least 25 lbs needs to come off this frame of mine.  I signed up to run a quarter marathon in May so I will have to exercise!  I also want to become consistent with my workouts.  Not saying I have to work out every day, but 3-4 times a week would be ideal.
Marriage:  I would like to plan a getaway with the hubby this year.  Originally we were hoping to go to the Dominican this spring with another couple, but all that changed when we put our house up for sale.  Even if it's not someplace tropical, I would like to plan a long weekend together.  I also want to practice submission and showing my hubby respect....even though I'm not completely sure what that looks like.
Financially:  Consistency once again.  With paying bills, saving, keeping up with the business books.  I would love to set up a budget but I haven't found a systems that doesn't overwhelm me yet.
Friendships:  I want to be more intentional about checking in with my friends to see how they are doing, their struggles, etc.  It's easy to let our friendships fall by the wayside when things get busy.
Mothering:  I want to have consistent solo time with the kids.  I also want to spend time just having fun with them, being silly, and laughing.  I also have a desire to teach my kids the skills they need in adulthood like cooking, cleaning, managing money.  I would like to take on a skill each month and focus on it, then add a new skill each month.  But I will be honest I am not really sure where to start and I don't want to go too big in the beginning and burn out.  I will be praying about this one, but as of now I am thinking I will start with teaching them how to make simple meals and eventually make them responsible for cooking dinner one night a week. 
Random: I want to focus on making our property a homestead where I learn how to better maintain a garden.  I would like to plant a couple more fruit trees.  I would like to make our landscaping a bit more appealing/easy to maintain also.  I also want to continue with organizing my house.  I made some progress last year but want to focus on those areas which always seem to get cluttered/messy and figure out a system to keep the mess at bay. 
Well, I think that's all!  It feels so good to get that all off my chest!  I should print this list off and post it where I can be reminded of my goals. 
Here's to a great New Year!

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