Monday, January 26, 2015

My Head is Spinning!

Hey guys!  Two posts in one's probably a new record for me!  I should tell you that I have the best of intentions for posting meaningful enlightening blog posts often.  I conjure them up as I'm driving in my van, waiting for my dentist appointment, and as I am grocery shopping (no lie!)...but they never happen.  Mainly because I get busy and eventually forget about them.  (Mental Note:  Do NOT procrastinate any more when I get a blogging idea!) 
With that being said, there have been lots of things going on around the Snyder House! 
Luckily we have managed to stay healthy (with the exception of a few minor colds) and have escaped the Influenza bug that has bitten so many of our friends and family.  Even though we haven't been stuck inside with illness, it feels like we have been stuck inside because it's WINTER.  Have I mentioned I really don't like winter?  Sure the freshly fallen snow is beautiful, but I would much rather stay INDOORS and enjoy it while looking outside through our windows!  My hubby's work schedule changes in the winter and I feel like we see him less than his normal schedule and when it snows, I'm lucky to see him in passing for days.  Have I mentioned that I need a date night BADLY?  Guess it will have to wait until spring because Mother Nature dropped about 7 inches of snow on us over the last 24 hrs.  The kids and I have been home the past two days just enjoying being snowed in. And I don't have cabin fever yet!  (Have I mentioned I am getting feeling old?)  Ahh, the joys of being middle-aged!
At the end of December, my hubby was approached about taking a township trustee position and he agreed to a 1 year term.  That meant that our income would be increasing, which is always a good thing.  Since trustees are required to live in the township coupled with the fact that there had been no interest in our house for a couple of months, we decided that maybe we were supposed to just stay where we were and not sell the house, at least until this year's term was over.  And then guess what happened?  Yep...someone called about our house.  And not only did they call about it and come to look at it, they also gave us an offer on it!  Two months ago we would have jumped at the possibility of moving!  Now we have mixed feelings.  We made it clear to the potential buyers that we needed to find a property to rent or buy in the township or we wouldn't sell.  That was a week ago and we still don't have any real leads.  I admit, I am getting nervous...and a little excited.  I'm nervous because we don't want to make the wrong move (literally!), but excited at the possibility of a fresh start....a new slate of a house to make into our home.  (I think I've been watching too many home-improvement shows...) About 75% of me hopes we won't find any place and therefore will have to stay here.  Because that's the comfortable thing to do.  There's no risk involved.  But the other 25% of me is excited to see what God may do in the midst of our situation.  Where it looks like there are no options, that's when God moves.  And so far we have no options.  I'm so conflicted because we prayed that God would send us a buyer if it was His will for us to sell.  We have a buyer.  Now we need to know the next step in this process. Everything about this says that I should be freaking out, but I'm not.  Well, sometimes  little bit.  But all in all, I'm at peace.  But I have yet to start packing.
I don't think it's a coincidence that I just finished up reading a book on Biblical submission because I have a feeling that I am going to have to put what I've learned into practice real soon.  My husband is one of those people who could literally live anywhere and not care.  Me, well, I have a bit different set of standards when it comes to where I live.  He is looking at a couple of foreclosures and the thought freaks me out a bit.  What if the house is trashed and we end up buying it without having seen it?  What if my king bed won't fit in the master bedroom?  But in the midst of all of those questions, there is an option that is freeing....submission.  Submission to my husband and in turn submitting to God because I am submitting to my husband.  My husband wants the best for us even if may not always feel like it.  I need to submit to show my husband that I trust his judgment and know that he will take care of us.  It's not easy.  And I've already had to apologize (just this morning in fact!) for freaking out at one of his housing ideas before I really thought things through.  But I know that through this mutual submission, our marriage will be better and more unified!  I hope to do a future blog post on submission, so stay tuned!
Well, all three of the kiddos are occupied in one way or another (which means I am experiencing some peace and quiet!!) so I should take advantage of it and get back to working on our tax preparations.  I'm hoping to get the tax stuff handed over to our accountant within the next week so I don't have it hanging over my head while dealing with the possibility of moving.  I've made some good progress already so I need to keep plugging away! 
Maybe my next blog post will be about where we will be moving to...who knows! 

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