Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Party at my house!

Have you heard of House Party?  I hadn't until about a year ago.  It's a site where you can apply for specific themed parties and if you get picked, they will send you a party pack with pretty much everything you need to host your own house party! 

I say all of this because I had applied for a few parties, however I never got picked.  I have a friend who has hosted 2 of them (was trying hard not to get bitter about the  I went to both of hers and it was fun.  Mainly you get to try a new product (usually a food-type product, but there are non-food products too).  I recently applied for the Johnsonville Italian Inspirations House Party...and I got picked this time!!  YAY!!  Can you tell I'm excited!  And I'm even more excited because I just received my Party Kit today!  I must say I was like a kid on Christmas morning opening up that package! 

Here is a pic of what my party kit included:    

My kit included 2 bags and 2 boxes of pasta, a container of parmesan cheese, a bottle of olive oil, an apron, a hot pad, a pasta measuring tool, paper plates, napkins, and a pasta spoon to be used at my party.  In addition to those items, I also received 5 coupons for a free package of Johnsonville Italian Sausage!  How cool is that?  Each of my guests will receive a recipe booklet and coupons of their own for sausage!

I'm so stoked about this party!  Not sure what I'll do, but I know it will include great food along with some girl time!

If you are interested in hosting your own House Party, check out the current parties accepting applications HERE.  And if you don't see any parties that interest you at this time, be sure to check because they are constantly changing.  With each party listing, you can also see what will be included in your party pack if you are picked as a hostess.  Last year my friend received a really frying pan that retailed for $120 in Amazon!  (Still trying not to be 

Best of luck if you apply!!


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