Monday, March 19, 2012

My Imaginary Jesus by Matt Mikalatos

My Imaginary Jesus by Matt Mikalatos drew me in with just its title.  I tend to choose books with neat looking covers or titles.  I am not familiar with the author at all, but now I know that he is a very talented author with an amazing imagination!  His book is a semi-fictional story of his journey to find the real Jesus.  Along the way he meets many Jesuses...but not the real Jesus.  The ones he meets are the ones that we make up in our imagination.  We conjure up an image of essentially what we want Jesus to be, instead of what He really is. 

This book came at the perfect time for me.  My church is currently doing a series on what Jesus looks like and this book went right along with what my pastor has been teaching us.  (So much so, that I was sure my pastor had read this book...and even asked him if he did.  Which he didn't, but he may be borrowing it soon!)  It was great to read this along with my church's sermon series. 

My Imaginary Jesus, although not quite what I was pictured it to be, was a good book.  It caused me to take a look at my own personal Jesus and to ask myself whether mine was the real one, of if I was trying to mold my Jesus into something in order to fit my needs.  If we develop an imaginary Jesus, we will rely on him and all of his falsehood in stead of bringing our questions, hopes, desires, situations to the only true Jesus.  This book will help you examine your faith to determine whether or not you are worshipping a Jesus that is real or counterfeit!

I received a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for this honest review.

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