Monday, September 20, 2010

Here I Come...The New ME!

Yes, it has been FOREVER since my last post. I apologize. Not sure what happened, but I guess I just lost interest or the energy...I guess it doesn't really matter. I'm back!!! I decided yesterday that I am going to start blogging faithfully. Why, you ask? Mainly because I need accountibility....I need your input...and, oh yeah, I think it will be FUN! God has created me to be a creative person (I guess I take after my Father, huh? lol) and I think this may just be a nice little outlet with which I can use my creativity!

Here's the deal...I'm stuck with my weight loss and it's my own darn fault. I've gotten into a run with cooking and with eating and I just have not really cared if my consumption has been healthy or not. The flip side to my story is that I've been running since April of this year. When I say running, I mean running...2-3 miles 3-4 times a week. I started running because a friend of mine wanted to run a 5K but didn't want to do it alone. So I volunteered myself as her running buddy. A 5K was so far out of reach for me that I honestly needed HER in order to run it myself! Long story short, she wasn't able to run it with her busy schedule, and by that time I was halfway into the training, so I stuck to it. And God did an amazing thing during this time...He brought me another a running buddy! One that lives close by and who had already ran a 5K race...and the rest is history. We've been running together faithfully and just two days ago I ran my first 5K race. It was a tremendous feeling of accomplishment! I had run 3.1 miles prior to the race and had done so in 32 mins. My original goal for the race was to do it in 30 mins, but sort of gave up on that goal because I didn't feel like it was realistic. As I was running the race, I kept thinking about how it felt like I was running so slow and wondering what my time would be, etc...and then I saw the finishline....and the close set up beside the finishline. And it read 29:50!! That was the only motivation I needed, so I started sprinting towards the finishline with a vengeance! I did not want to see that clock say 30 mins! I ended up finishing in 29:56! Once I could breathe again, I was really proud of myself! lol

Now that my Run-A-5K-Race Goal has been met, it's time for a new goal! My new running goal is to run a 10K in that same race a year from now, but in the meantime, my current goal is to shed these unwanted pounds and reach my ideal weight (although not sure what that is right now). And I want to be healthy. I want to learn what REAL healthy is...not what magazines or commercials tell us. I want to be physically, mentally, and spiritually healthy. Hey...and why not add financially healthy to that list too? And I would like to include you on my journey. I am no Wonder Woman...I am an average gal with an average life and the average struggles. It is my prayer that through my blog, I can motivate and encourage you to be the best you can be for who YOU were created to be as well. What I mean is, strive to be who God made YOU to be and do it well!

So...what can you expect from my blog? First of! Pictures of me as I lose this weight (notice I didn't say IF!!), pictures of random things that happen in my life. I've realized that just looking at all of this text can get quite boring! Now that I am typing this, I realize that I don't even know how to post pictures on this blog...I will have to figure that one out. lol Secondly, RECIPES! I am going to be trying LOTS of new recipes and will post any faves along the way. Thirdly, I will allow you to glimpse what is going on in this crazy head of mine. Maybe it will be more than you care to know! I plan to post how I am feeling, what I am eating, my workouts, my current weight, spiritual findings that has opened my eyes and enlightened me, any awesome coupon deals I come across and anything funny that occurs in my life (again, notice I didn't say IF). Funny things happen to me all the time...I guess it's God's way of not letting me get bored with my life! lol

Wow, this post is getting to be quite long already. Time to wrap it up, I guess! Today is going to be my first official day of becoming healthy. I am going to try to be conscious of what I am eating and to make healthy food choices. I am going to tackle my to-do list for today, which means doing some work in the garage for my hubby's biz, trying to learn our new accounting software, putting dinner in the crockpot (brown beans, ham, and cornbread...can't wait!!), hanging laundry on the line (our dryer is currently broken, so my prayers for rain have ceased until I can get caught up), picking up the kids from school, heading to the bank to make a deposit and sign loan papers (we are refinancing and cutting 9 years off of our well as over $60,000 in interest...all for the same payment we have now!), then take Evan to his hair cut appt. After all of that, we'll come home, eat dinner, do homework, and then I am going to run with Jenny at 7. Then back home, get the kids bathed and into bed. Whew what a day!

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