Monday, January 4, 2010


I wish I had something original to write today on this blog, but I came across something in an e-newsletter that I receive that was just too good to not pass along. It sort of sums up what I've been feeling since I've been on this journey of mine over the past 5 or so weeks. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

From Hannah Keeley's Weekly Newsletter:

I love new beginnings and especially a new year! But I've never really been one to make resolutions. I guess it's because I make resolutions all year long. There's no magic that takes place when the clock strikes twelve on the last night of December. The magic happens when you make that irrevocable decision to create a better life. It's more than just a want. It's more than a whim. And it's more than a wish.
It's a will.
It's that point where you draw a line in the sand and step over to a new you, a better you. You will get in shape. You will get out of debt. You will create a happier family. You will get rid of clutter. You have to make that decision and know deep in your heart there's no turning back.
I hope you've made that decision. And if you have, then now's the time to put feet to your dreams. If there was any magic in life changes, then this is where it happens. You've got to break down your goals into steps and go after them every day. The magic doesn't happen when a ball drops in Times Square. It happens when you make those moment-by-moment decisions to pursue your goals. It happens when you wake up in the morning to spend ten minutes in prayer, when you take twenty minutes to read a book to the kids, when you take thirty minutes to clean out some shelves in a closet. It happens when you say "no" to seconds at the dinner table and "yes" to one more lap around the neighborhood. It's in the little things and the baby steps. Without them, you just have wishes, whims, and wants.
It's time to make it a will. Take those dreams that you've been dreaming up and go after them! Write down what you are going to do each month, week, and every day to get closer to your dreams and don't take "later" for an answer. Now is your time to make it happen. This is your year to shine!

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