Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Week 6 and 4.8 lbs lost!

I have gone from a bit discouraged to encouraged in 0.3 seconds flat. This whole weight loss thing boggles my mind sometimes. At first I'm super encouraged and work out hard and lose weight, then the weight sort of stops coming off and I get discouraged. I am the type of person who wants to see results NOW and when I don't see them, I start to lose hope. Compared to all of my other attempts to lose weight, this one is different...I am NOT going to give up. Since the new year I've felt a bit down because I seemed to be stuck at 182. The old me would have given up pronto, telling myself that I was never going to be skinny anyways, so why try. But I've kept excercising 5 times a week nontheless. I was so bored with the treadmill, but this week have been trying different workout dvds to add variety. Looking back, I'm proud of how long I've stuck with this lifestlye change! These past couple of week have helped me to see that I had lost faith. Faith in myself that I could do it, faith in the future me and what I would become, and faith in God that He would grant me the strength I need to get through each day. I was so focused on seeing those results on the outside, but what really needed changed was the inside. Today I feel renewed. I KNOW that I can do this. It may not happen next month or the month after that, but I know at some point I WILL be fit and healthy. The old me just wanted to lose weight, but the new me still wants to lose weight, but the main goal is to live a healthy vibrant life. I want to be PRESENT in my life....not taking a backseat and watching my friends and family members enjoy theirs. And most importantly I want to live a life of find God's purpose for Jen Snyder and live it up! I also do not want to end up where my grandparents are today. I have grown up watching them battle one health problem after another...and most of which could be eliminated if they would have taken better care of themselves. I feel cheated that I didn't get to enjoy much time with them because they were always sick or tired. And now their health problems have progressed so far that it probably is too late. I don't want to be like them when I am in my 70's. I watch the Biggest Loser faithfully and just yesterday it showed a women, who was probably in her 60's, and she was on 9 different medications. She was voted off the ranch after her 2nd week there, and when they did a follow up on how she is currently doing, she is down to only 1 medication a day. And she has only lost 40 or so pounds! It amazes me that most health issues could be resolved by simply losing weight. I wish more people would realize this!

Ok, I guess I'm getting sort of deep, huh? lol Time to snap out of it and get back to the quirky me. I mentioned that I've been doing different workout dvds that I've gotten from the library and thought I'd give you a little review on them. Yesterday I did Valerie Bertinelli's Losing It and Keeping Fit workout and I LOVED IT! It was surprisingly good. It's mainly strength training but incorporates a lot of squats and lunges. By the time I was done with the 40 min workout, my muscles were already feeling really tired. The dvd contains a 20 min, 40 min, and ab workout...and they are all great! The ab workout is a sequence of crunches that work your entire abs by simply changing the postition of your legs. I think I am going to add this one to my personal library!

Now for the funny part. When I put these dvds on hold at the library, I was trying to get creative with what equipment I have....dumbbells, a treadmill, a mini-trampoline, and a step. So I put Kathy Smith's Buns and Thighs Step workout on hold. I did it this morning and was pleasantly surprised to see Kathy and her crew in leotards (minus the leg warmers), tube socks, and high-top Reeboks...compete with SCRUNCHIES! I almost shivered and turned it off, but continued with it for 30 mins. It actually was a really good workout, but I can't bare the thought of doing it again. lol I think it might be a good idea to check out the publishing dates on workouts from now on instead of just assuming that since they are on dvd that they are current! :)

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