Friday, November 15, 2013


First of all, I'm back!  I had been on a blogging hiatus for months because our computer started acting wacky and eventually died so that left me with my hubby's work computer (that was ALL the way in the garage...a uninspiring environment in my opinion...hubby would disagree) and my Kindle Fire where you could only type so much and I had to type with one-finger, which resulted in a normal 5-second Facebook comment or post taking more like 5 minutes!  It was oh so frustrating, but I am happy to report that I now have a laptop and I love it!  So I see lots more blogging in my future! 

I wanted to tell you about my myself...and to my family...and to God.  I have taken a good look at my life and noted some areas that needed improvement and I am striving to make some changes in the right direction.

I want to use my time more wisely.  So I am limiting my time online.  The Internet is a great tool but it's sooooo easy to lose track of time and in doing so to lose out on having meaningful experiences with my family, housekeeping, and other things.  I just haven't been a good steward of my time, period. 

I have made a commitment to take better care of myself.  I was running quite a bit, but it's hard work.  I do enjoy a run now and then and it's a great workout, but I'm not sure I will be running any more long distance races anytime soon.  I signed up for my first half-marathon because I honestly didn't think I could do it...and I did...3 times!  So I am proud of my accomplishment, but running is not who I am.  And I really felt like it was taking a toll on my body.  I didn't want to have to worry about injuries and I felt like it was stressing my body to run higher amounts of miles.  I feel like I've let my running buddy down and I often feel left out when I hear about the races my friends have signed up for an are running, but I am sticking with my decision.  Could that change in the future?  Sure!  It's just at this point in my life I am just choosing to not be so engrossed with running.  So I have found joy in walking the dog or catching up with a neighbor while strolling down the road and enjoying God's creation, or working out here at home doing some cardio or strength training. 

I am also making a commitment to take better care of our finances.  I have always spent money haphazardly because we always had enough to cover our bills and I didn't really have to budget much.  But I honestly had no idea how much I was spending on food or gas.  So I set up a spreadsheet and I am tracking our monthly expenses...and it' been an eye opener!  Not only have I realized that what I THOUGHT I was spending on groceries and nowhere near accurate!  And the spreadsheet has made me really think about what I'm spending BEFORE I spend it.  Before spending money I think of other ways to meet that need instead.  I have never really had a plan for saving money and that's something I want to change.  Hubby and I have goals for our family and we can't achieve them if we aren't making a plan to save for them. 

I have also made a commitment to be a faithful servant of Christ.  I went through a period of feeling spiritual dry for the past year or so.  I didn't do my morning devotions.  I didn't read my Bible.  I didn't meditate.  And I prayed off and on, but mainly when the going got tough.  A couple of months ago my family chose to attend a different church and it has made a difference in my whole family.  We had nothing against our previous church of 11 years but it was just time for a change.  My kids now LOVE going to church and want to be involved in the extra activities.  I LOVE going to church and also want to be a part of extra activities.  Honestly it's the highlight of my week!  And I feel like I have grown so much in the short time I've been there.  I have also started getting up at 5:30am to do devotions and study the Bible.  I meditate.  I play worship songs all day long to fill my house with an atmosphere of praise.  I can see improvement in my kids' behavior and when I discipline or correct them I am trying to do it in a spirit of love and out of my desire for them to develop Godly character. 

I am also making the commitment to be a better homemaker.  My house has imploded and its time to take control.  I want to purge what we have, keep what we love and organize what gets kept.  I want to keep it clean on a regular basis...not just when company is coming over!  lol

Well, it's time for me to head to work but I wanted to give you a little update on what's been happening in my life during my hiatus!  I hope it has inspired you to take a look at your own life and make improvements where needed!  :)

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