Friday, October 29, 2010

Remember me?

LOL I cannot tell you how sorry I am for blogging so sporatically! It seems I do well with blogging, and then some other part of my life falls to the wayside. So I stop blogging in order to pick up the pieces of the chaos that has occurred and here I am...a month later....posting a blog. I really do appreciate you following this are more faithfal than I am! lol

It has been a rough and busy couple of weeks. It all started with the flu. One Friday night my two older kids came home from spending a few hours with grandma and all was well. Approximately 2 hours later as we all had just headed to bed, my son (who had stated that his stomach wasn't feeling too well) darted to the bathroom and the throwing up began. While I checking on him, my youngest comes downstairs to announce that "sissy" is throwing up upstairs in her room. I thought she was joking because she had never mentioned not feeling well. Upon arriving in her doorway, I witnessed firsthand that Allie was most definately telling the truth. As my wonderful hubby visited the Land of Nod, I cleaned up vomit from all over the toilet and off the bedroom carpet, then proceeded to shampoo the carpet. I have never wanted to Lysol my entire body like I did that night! And yes, hubby slept through the entire thing. (Why is it that God gave that ability soley to men anyways?)

After the puke-fest, everyone slept peacefully and felt better come morning. The following night, we went to a friend's house along with 3 other couples who were mutual friends for dinner and a night of intense laughter. The next morning is when IT arrived. By IT I mean Creeping Death. It started with Kailyn throwing up again, then my husband, then myself. It was NOT fun, nor was it pretty. Three of the 5 Snyders were down for the count and there was only one thing left to do: Call for backup...aka my mother. When my mom arrived, she found Jeremiah on the couch, and Kailyn and I camped outside the bathroom moaning. Did I mention I love my mother? We were pathetic. lol She ended up spending the night with us and by morning we were able to keep some toast down thank goodness. It took me a good 4 days before I felt somewhat back to normal. I would not wish that flu on anyone. The worst part of it all, is that of the 3 families we visited the night before, at least 1 family contracted the same illness. I hope and pray they invite us the next time they have a gathering! lol

The weekend after the Snyder Flu Epidemic, we took a long weekend vaca to West Virginia that was really nice. It was much needed, but certainly not long enough! We drove through the mountains (where I once again started feeling ill, but not due to a virus...mainly due to my slight fear of heights lol) While we were there, my husband started experiencing some pain in his knee and developed a bump that was getting redder and more painful as the weekend went on. By Tuesday he was limping. A friend of his stopped by and looked at it and told him he needed to go to the ER. Long story short, it was a staph infection. He received a Rx and is now feeling better. I thank God for that friend convincing him to seek medical attention, because he sure wasn't listening to me when I'd say the same thing!

This week seemed to be pretty uneventful until Wednesday, when I received a call from my mother saying that my grandma was not doing well and I'd better come now if I wanted to see her alive. By the time I arrived at her house, she had perked up a bit and we had a nice visit. Since then she has had a good day following by a bad day today. Hospice has said that she will probably not make it to see the holidays. I feel so overwhelmed by it all. I want to spend time with her, yet I hate seeing her this way. I want to learn from her wisdom and hear memories from her childhood, yet she is so confused most of the time nowadays that I feel like the window of opportunity for those things has passed. It saddens me. She has been my grandma for 31 years but there's so much about her I don't know. I want her to leave a legacy for me and my kids. It is also sad to see my mother having to going through losing both of her parents in a 6-month time period. I cannot imagine what she is going through right now. And I don't know how to help her.

So that is what has been going on in my life and why I haven't written in a month. On a good note, hubby and I celebrated our 11th anniversary on the 23rd and had a nice evening of wine tasting and dinner, followed by a trip to Walmart. Romantic, huh? lol I used to look at anniversaries as something that are a given. As newlyweds, we'd talk about what we would do on our 5th anniversary, our 10th, as if nothing could stop those special days from coming. Since having gone though some hard times in our marriage, I now look at each anniversary as a priviledge and with thanksgiving. God has blessed us with another year together and I am so thankful they He is restoring us a bit more each year.

Another high point in my life involves my goat. She is due to have babies any day (although I've been thinking that for the past month) and I cannot wait to meet those little goatlings! Each day I eagerly visit her pen to look for signs that she may deliver soon. I do this so often that I think I will go insane from analying her belly, rear, actions...anything really. And there are some days that I'm certain that she's not pregnant at all. So hopefully I will be able to announce that they've been born on my next post!

And I'm still running! My running buddy Jenny and I are trying to conjure up a winter running wardrobe...and we are REFUSING to wear TIGHTS. End of story. My current weight is around 172, which means I've lost a total of 13 lbs! I'm still not satisfied with my progress, but people are starting to notice the changes in my figure, which is always nice! And I actually had to shop for new jeans since mine were all too big! And I'm proud to say that I tried on a pair of size 12s and they fit great! I'm starting to feel skinny! I am planning to run another 5K in two weeks, which will be my third one in three months! Go me!


Anonymous said...

LOL, goats sure do like keeping you waiting huh?! Been there, done that in the years of kidding season here which we're not doing anymore though. Hope K starts feeling better and hope all goes well at the Doc's today.

Amy Westbeld

Jeanette said...

I think I've neglected my blog longer than you have! LOL You certainly have been experiencing a lot of challenges lately, but through it all you demonstrate what it means to be a follower of Jesus. You keep seeking His wisdom and comfort, taking things one day at a time. I'm thankful to have you for a friend :)