Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Here are a few of my least favorite things...(the titled must be sung, btw)

I slept in this morning despite my feeble attempt to get up at 6. I got up at 7 instead. I hate sleeping in. It just makes my whole day messed up as well as putting me in an irritated state. Because I got up late (and I was already irritated), I decided that I would not be working out this morning. Since I was not working out this morning, I decided that I should eat less calories today to make up for the lack of calorie burn. I decided that yogurt with granola and strawberries would be a nice breakfast. Until I pulled the unopened carton of yogurt out of the fridge...and saw that I had bought PLAIN, NON-FAT yogurt. I remember the day at Stuff Mart when I purchased it...I was feeling crummy that day and decided that it was time to start eating healthier. So I opted for PLAIN, NON-FAT yogurt instead of the yummy, cream, vanilla yogurt. And today was the day of reckoning with my PLAIN, NON-FAT yogurt, I guess. I shook off my cringe and opened the carton, poured it into the bowl and topped it with granola and berries. PLAIN, NON-FAT yogurt is very deceiving...maybe even a bit evil. It looks like vanilla yogurt...but once you taste it you instantly realize that it's PLAIN, NON-FAT yogurt. It is wretched stuff...and I'm not exaggerating. As I tried to keep from gagging while I ate it, I explained to my husband why I bought it...mainly because the flavored yogurts have lots of sugar in them. Sugar that I don't need to consume. Another bite. I can't take it anymore. My mind starts racing, trying to figure out what I could do to make this PLAIN, NON-FAT yogurt more palatable. Then it comes to me...SUGAR! It's still not that great, but it sure did help...and it was so worth the extra calories!

And since this blog is about a FEW of my least favorite things, I should probably mention more than just one. And quite honestly, I know you are dying to know what they are! I have two more that come to mind right now...

Fruit Flies. I think they evil and should burn in hell. Even more so than the PLAIN NON-FAT yogurt. I do not understand how you can have no fruit flies in your house, but the minute you bring in any kind of fruit and decoratively display it on your kitchen counter, suddenly you have an infestation. It is virtually impossible to get rid of them. I have found a solution that works...sort of a trap, if you will. Combine some apple cider vinegar with a bit of dish soap in a jar. Then cover the opening of the jar with saran wrap and secure it with a rubber band. Then take a fork and make small holes in the saran wrap. Voila! You have a fruit fly trap and in a day or so, you will relish in the sight of all those dead little flies floating the apple cider poison!

Next up is Poison Ivy. I am a poison ivy magnet. If I look at it, I break out in a rash within 24 hrs. I have had poison ivy all summer. On my arms, ankles, and the backs of my knees. Everywhere. So I spent the summer scratching...and scratching. I'm sure people think I have bugs or something. LOL And it just seems as if there is nothing to relieve me of its symptoms...even the pink stuff doesn't work anymore. I've even tried killing the plants and they resist. Poison Ivy is nasty stuff.

So what do I do with this list of Least Favorite Things? I can just live with them. Or I could get creative. I could find a way to make them work together for the greater good. I could expose a fruit fly to poison ivy and then force feed it PLAIN, NON-FAT yogurt. Yes, I know, I'm being silly. But somehow the thought makes me a bit less irritated..and even makes me giggle a little on the inside.

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