Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Well, we survived camping this weekend!! The kids did great and all in all it was a very relaxing weekend. We did learn to bring lots of supplies for the WHAT IFS that might having extra blankets for those FRIGID nights, or extra diapers AND diaper rash cream for when little Allie's body start to do weird things! And heck, while you're doing that extra packing...through in some sleeping pills! I tell you what, I LOVE my bed. I just cannot sleep in a camper. The first night was really cold and Evan woke crying because he was freezomg. Then the next night, it took forever to get Allie to settle down and snooze, then it stormed...complete with thunder, lightning, and a monsoon. After the storm the humidity spiked. The good news is that I've slept awesomely the past three nights! LOL

This week I've started doing some schooling with Evan and it's going well!

I'm also starting an experiment with my chickens to get them to lay more eggs....I'm wondering if they are getting enough direct sunlight since their pen is in the shade. So, today I let them free range and I'll see if a couple days of running free will increase egg production. I have 7 hens who SHOULD be laying 1 egg per day...and I've been getting 1 lousy egg each day from faithful Fancy. I may get 2 eggs on a good day. And since the reason I got the darn chickens in the first place was for eggs, they'd better start laying or they'll be going to the swap meet next weekend! So...we'll see if threatening them helps their motivation a bit! LOL I'll keep you posted because I know you're dying to know! Heck, if I get enough, I may even invite you over for scrambled eggs sometime....or egg burgers, or egg kabobs, egg gumbo.......

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