Thursday, March 26, 2015

It's Official...well, sort of.

We are moving.  As I type those words I feel a bit nauseous.  Since we put our house up for sale last September, I have experienced all kinds of emotions....good and bad.  It feels like our future has been so uncertain since then and quite frankly, it's driven me a bit cray cray.  After giving up on selling our house by December and deciding that we were supposed to not move, we were contacted by someone who was interested in looking at our house.  They came to look at it and seemed totally unimpressed and didn't ask any of the normal questions, so we assumed they weren't interested.  A few days later I received a text saying that they wanted to put in an offer on our house!  The kicker was that, also in December, my hubby had accepted a position as a Township Trustee after one of the current Trustees had resigned.  This was an unexpected surprise because it is a paid position.  Which is why we decided we weren't going to sell.  Then we had a buyer.  Which meant we needed to find a house within the township...which has proven to be no easy task.  There are exactly 2 houses for sale in the township right now.  The top it off, our buyers are expecting their first child May 16th.  We were honest with them and said that if we could not find something in the township we would probably not sell.  And they have been patient with us.  And I will be honest, I have been afraid of selling our house, uprooting our family, and the unknowns that lie ahead.  It seemed as if every option we would look into was terrible or the seller changed their mind.  Back in September when we put the for sale sign in the yard, we also prayed that if it was God's will, he would send us a buyer.  And he did.  I came to the realization a couple of weeks ago that faith means we can't always see past the next step.  We can't always see the details or the end result.  If we truly believe that God has our best interest in mind and has a plan for us, then we have to trust Him to take care of those things we cannot see. God sent us a buyer and it's time for us to move and I can't worry about the rest.  Although I still do from time to time because I'm human.  So we visited a house that was outside of the township that is a total fixer-upper.  And we are in the process of putting an offer in on it.  We actually signed the contract last Friday but it couldn't be submitted until this Monday...and then we found out that we needed a letter from our buyer's bank saying they could get the funds needed to buy our house.  And we are still waiting on that letter.  But God has a plan.  I cannot tell you how badly I want to try to speed things up in my own power!  And to top it off, our realtor is going to Florida for a week tomorrow.  Which means we will have another full week of no progress on our house offer.  It's frustrating, but just a couple of days ago I was worried that we would close on our house before our buyers closed on our old house and we wouldn't have the money needed to pay for our house at closing.  But this week of waiting my change that scenario and may just make our buyers loan close before ours now.  As it looks now we are tentatively hoping to be closed on our house (or at least have found a place to rent) by the end of April.  So I've been packing up our belongings and the memories that we've made in the house we've been in for 13 years...and dreaming about our next home and the renovations that we can do to it and the memories we can make in it to make it Home. 

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