Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Failures and Labels

I was late to work today. 
Poor Time Manager.
There is a HUGE fly (the shiny kind) flying around my house. 
When I came home from work today, my house had a not-so-nice smell (the cause is still to be determined). 
Poor housekeeper.
I made cookies on Monday to stick in the freezer for next week when we are at the fair and might need/want a snack.  But I keep eating them.  Frozen. 
I was told by my son's friend that their football practice had been cancelled and only the parent meeting was still a go.  Come to find out, my husband arrived at the parent meeting (he offered to go so that I could stay home and relax) to find out that practice had not been cancelled AND tonight was uniform fitting.    So my relaxing came to an end and off I went with the kids to pick up Misinformant Boy to take them to the school.  Here's the Cliff Notes version of what son came home mad because someone took his #34 jersey from last year and now he has to be #72.  He is also blaming his friend (Misinformant Boy) for it.  AND there was practice tonight following the fitting.  And my husband made me feel less-than-intelligent for believing Misinformant Boy instead of checking with the coaches (FYI-I don't have their contact info yet). 
 Naïve. Irresponsible. Worthless. 
I tucked my girls into bed and noticed a strange smell coming from their trash can that was nearly overflowing. 
I stuck my head in my son's room to say goodnight and he sort of mumbled a half-hearted goodnight and I can tell that he's very disappointed in how the evening went. 
Terrible Parent.
Every where I look around me lately I see failure.  No matter how much I try to do well, the not-so-good seems to be staring me in the face and yelling my name.  Soon I can no longer see the things I accomplished well.  It's easy to feel like a failure and give myself labels or allow others to give them to me.  And after awhile I start to believe them. 
This past Sunday at church, the pastor spoke about labeling.  He said most of us think we are pretty special when we are born and as young children...usually thanks to our mother's love and encouragement.  Then things start to change and people will put labels on us (either verbally or implied) or we put them on ourselves.  We begin to doubt that we can do anything worthwhile.  Then the pastor said something so profound.  He said that only manufacturers have the authority to put labels on something.  Because they created that thing on which they are putting the label.  He said that God is the ONLY one that has the authority to label us.  Because He created us.  How awesome is that?  Now, I will tell you I was so enlightened hearing that sermon.  Then my busy week hit and has left me feeling pretty wiped out (and it's only Wednesday!) and then today's happenings really threw me for a loop.  And the labels started coming back. 
Our thoughts are powerful.  The more we think we are fill in the blank, the more we start to believe those labels subconsciously, and we eventually start acting according to those labels.  Friends, we need to remember who our Creator is and what He has created us to be!  We need to replace those negative labels with labels from the one who created us... 
Fearfully and wonderfully Made. 
I pray that we both can both believe and find rest in those labels and not allow others (or ourselves) to label us any longer!


Jeanette said...

That is a battle I know well! If you haven't read Steven Furtick's book, Crash the Chatterbox, check it out! Lots of good insight in there. I declare your label today to be "Authentic". Thank you :)

snyderpartyof5 said...

Thanks Jeanette! I haven't read his book...I will see if I can get it at the library asap!