Monday, January 6, 2014

Love & Respect In The Family By Dr. Emerson Eggerichs

I was part way through reading Dr. Eggerich's book Love & Respect when I saw that Love & Respect in the Family was available at Booksneeze for review.  Because I was really enjoying reading Love & Respect, and I was feeling as if my home life was a bit out of control with kids who were disrespectful...and with parents who felt both helpless and clueless about how to intercede, I chose to review Love & Respect In The Family.  I am really glad I did!  This book is written in way that encourages parents to not lose hope.  But also to not blame their children for the situation they are in.  Change starts with us as parents.  There is a crazy cycle that happens when parents feel disrespected and kids feel unloved.  When parents feel disrespected they tend to act in ways that appears unloving to their children.  When children feel unloved they tend to act in ways that appears disrespectful.  And the cycle goes on and on until someone chooses to break the cycle.  We can break this cycle and transform it into an Energizing Cycle where as we show our kids love they will naturally want to show us respect.  Through this cycle, parent-child relationships are strengthened.

Dr. Eggerichs shares with us his wisdom gained through parenting his own children, who are now grown, as well as years of experience as a pastor and helping families.  His children actually share how the ways he and their mother had parented had helped and hurt them emotionally.  Dr. Eggerichs encourages parents to not give up, but to look to God for help in those tumultuous times where we feel helpless.  He has developed an acrostic GUIDES for parents to use when interacting with their children.  He shows us how to Give, Understand, Instruct, Discipline, Encourage and Supplicate in order to develop loving habits that will cultivate strong relationships with our children. 

One aspect of the book that is extremely helpful for readers is located at the end of each chapter.  The author makes reference to a particular area of THEIR WEBSITE where the readers can go if they need additional information pertaining to topics in that particular chapter. 

I really think every parent should read this book and would greatly benefit from it.  I am encouraged and excited to put this knowledge into practice in my own parenting and see the results!

*I received a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher via in exchange for this honest review.

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