Monday, March 15, 2010

Time to Apologize...

Yes, I fell off the blogging wagon. I was politely reminded at chuch last week by a fellow reader that I had not posted since Jan 22nd. I have to admit, that date shocked me....didn't I post just yesterday? I guess not. But since she has been waiting patiently every day since my last post, (and because I PROMISED her that I would post a blog last week...and forgot) the time has come to give you an update. And an apology. An apology to Kim (names may or may not have been changed to protect the reader's for not posting a blog last week like I promised, and to the rest of you for not posting anything in over a month.

Since my last post, my weight loss journey has been somewhat uneventful. I've tried exercising more, wanting to exercise less (and some days being successful), counting calories, and eating pretty much whatever I've wanted. I think when I do reach my goal weight I should right a book because I'm starting to feel like an expert on what doesn't work! My body confuses me. It seems like when I watch what I eat and try to cut back, I gain weight. And when I eat pizza, drink pop, have dinner at Chili's, and treat myself to two bowls of vanilla ice cream with homemade hot fudge sauce (don't be too scared, they were consumed on two different days), I lose weight. The before mentioned diet was consumed this past weekend. I didn't exercise at all, spend a lot of my time sitting, and ate all of those non-diet foods...and woke up to a 7.2 lb weight loss. What is up with that? Of course I'm not complaining...just in shock. I don't deserve to reach a new weight loss low after my nutritional sins. But I'll take it nonetheless! lol

In addition to me reaching a new lowest weight since Nov 30th, a lot of other really cool things have happened in my life. The best way to describe it is to say that it seems as if the puzzle pieces of my life are starting to fit together. The main area is my marriage. Hubby and I have been married for 10 1/2 yrs. The last 3 yrs have been the hardest of them all. We have struggled. Alot. We really started making progress last summer and things gradually started getting better. Just recently, though, our marriage has turned from average to amazing. We still have room for improvement, but we both feel as if we have the tools we need to keep up on the right track. It only took us 10 yrs to discover those tools and to utilize them! We have learned to truly communicate with one another, to support each other, and to love one another despite our faults. It has revolutionized our marriage. We also have been attending the Alpha Marriage Course, and that has played a vital role in our marriage makeover. We love it! We have had 6 weekly date nights so far and we really look forward to them each week. I think we'll be a bit spoiled once the course is over!

I'm just amazed at what God is doing in my life. I literally am in awe. I used to look at other people's marriages and think, "When will mine be like that?" "When will my husband be understanding like that?" And here I proof that God is a miracle-worker. I am learning not to underestimate what God can do!

So the reason why I haven't blogged in forever is because I'm on cloud nine! I'm soaking in every minute of my life right now, thanking God every step of the way. My weight loss has taken a back seat I guess. Weight loss isn't going to make me happy. True happiness is living out the life that God has for us every day. Sure, weight loss can be a part of that, but it can't be the only part. When we focus on our weight, we are only focusing on the moment...stuck on our imperfections or flabby thighs and thinking that there's no hope, that it will never change. But when we focus on Him, He leads us down the path to true happiness. And who knows, while we're walking with Him, maybe we'll lose a few inches off our thighs too! lol


Anonymous said...

Thanks for blogging Jen! I left Facebook though but have reactivated my Mom's account and changed the name and it's only for mostly family and a couple friends.

Amy Westbeld

Kim said...

I think more apologies might be in order :) Just kidding. Miss you and hearing about a Day in the Life of a Snyder - in particular you.