Monday, November 30, 2009

Day 1 So Far...

Well, in my 3 hrs that I've been awake, I am already realizing how many things will try to steal my time and motivation to workout and eat healthy! Today is Evan's birthday and I let him pick his meals for the day. For breakfast he chose cinnamon rolls and egg nog. For lunch he wants ham loaf and shrimp cocktail, and for dinner, pizza. Now, let me just tell you that I have been looking forward to consuming those cinnamon rolls for about a week! But as I was putting them in the pan, and later was pouring the icing on top, I realized that they weren't worth the calories that were in them. And after looking at the label on the eggnog, it wasn't an option either. So...I set out to make a healthy breakfast. I made homemade oatmeal with chopped raisins and some splenda. Not terrible, but definately not very appetizing either. So I didn't eat very much of it. But also realized later on that I wasn't feeling deprived nor was I feeling hungry at all.

I also have done my workout for the day too! I downloaded the Podrunners c25k workouts onto my mp3 player and did the Week 1 workout. The podcasts train you to run a 5K through sessions of walking and jogging. I did the 30 mins workout and was sweating pretty good! I haven't sweat like that since I went to spinning classes a couple of years ago! Afterwards I did some ab exercises since my tummy needs some MAJOR toning! While I was working out, Allie (my 2 yr old) was destrying my bedroom! But, I kept working out. I am determined not to let anything stop me from this! It's the one thing I feel like I am allowed to be selfish about! And everyone will eventually benefit from my selfishness! LOL

I am realizing that it is going to take a lot of planning...especially with meals. I need to look ahead in my day and decide early on what I am going to eat...and not to eat. I know for lunch I will be having ham loaf, baked potato, and green beans, but I'll skip the sugary applesauce and have a SMALL piece of pineapple upside down cake (only because it's my son's bday!) And for dinner, we'll be having pizza...where I will have only 1-2 pieces. By planning ahead I will not have to make a decision on the spot because once I've seen the food, I'll want to eat it! Planning ahead makes me feel empowered! So far so good on Day 1!

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